Monday, 15 November 2010

Technical Problems but The News Will Out

Let's start with a bit of immediate Masher News this week.

It must be near on two years since Myke and myself headed up the A1 to Bishop Auckland to do a bit of radio stuff with Terry for Bishop FM

Besides appearing on the The Folk Programme where we played a few live tracks, we also recorded one of Terry's Folk Up Front programmes. This programme gave us a chance to talk about our music roots and the songs and artists that influenced us.

It would be fair to say that Myke and I came from completely different roots, and this was no more highlighted than by our selections of music for this programme.

You also get an insight into what and the music that made Myke tick, even within a Mashers type performance.

Terry is replaying the programme this Sunday 14th November at 5:00pm You can listen in HERE on line.

The programme is available on the Mashers Web Site HERE for download. It's a bit of a heavy download but well worth the wait in my view, but I would say that wouldn't I, find out for yourself. I'VE JUST DISCOVERED THAT THE PAGE WAS ONE OF THOSE THAT FAILED ON LOADING - SO YOU'LL HAVE TO WAIT FOR THE ALL CLEAR FOR THE DOWNLOAD.

The promised new Masher recordings have had to be shelved until the New Year. Poor old Phillip Hartley is having to work longer hours for the foreseeable future and may also be called for an op. At short notice.

So you will have to make do with the Moggy Song that we recorded in October until the other stuff is ready – and of course Shirley, which I found in the bowls of my Computer, recorded with the first Masher Keith Nicklin.

Incidentally I've recently been in touch with Keith. He's recently moved home and to be honest is not very well. He will shortly be having some heart surgery and I'm sure everyone will want to send their best wishes to him for a speedy return to the stage.

The good news is that Keith has promised to dig out his recording of “Market Days” his own song about the history of Sheffield Market, and we'll be putting it on the Acoustic Rotherham Player. Be patient though, he has to find it amongst the boxes of stuff that he still unpacking following his move.

The search for a permanent new partner for Dickie Masher continues. It's just a little frustrating not to find someone to join forces with. In the meantime I've been very quiet for a Masher and I suppose it's time to try to find the motivation to get back out there – to be honest I'm not finding it easy at the moment. I'm just so thankful that my old mate Phill Hartley has been able to stand in for a few sets to remind of the fun.

The Myke Masher Music Trust event on the 14th December is beginning to take shape. A list of acts should be available shortly.

There is also an Open planning meeting due to be held this coming week – final details are not yet to hand. Keep an eye on your Inbox.

Those watching their Facebook pages will know that it's been a bit of a disaster week again. Car breakdowns / punctures at the wrong time / and computer failures!!! just another week in what has been simply a dreadful year.

It all means that the Web Site will not be updated until later next week so apologies.

Steps have been taken to minimise future inconvenience.

It's also come to my attention that a few people are having real problem receiving direct Emails from Acoustic Rotherham / Mashers / Richard @ addresses. It only happens in a very few cases, and the strange thing is that the General Mailings sent via Reverbnation get through OK. It seems to happen with those using certain Web Based Email clients – if you are waiting for Email then please check the filters and Spam settings of your Email Clients.

Talking of Web Sites I'm currently building a site for a local Gym. If anyone out there has any Gym type songs I could use on the site then please feel free to let me have them – funny, sad or anything.

The battle between Facebook and Myspace seems to be all over bar the shouting.

In my experience both have their strengths and weaknesses, with Facebook winning out for social interaction while Myspace wins on Band / Music profiling. In fact recently Facebook has made it even more difficult for Bands by taking away the “My Band” Tab from personal profile pages and opening Band Pages. It all makes for added complications and from what I've seen to date much repetition.

Myspace has been making changes to. And not for the best. The site has become so slow and interaction between friends has become very difficult. And of course it's not been helped by trying to make the changes on the live site.

It seems that people are leaving Myspace in their droves though and it remains to be seen just how long Mr Murock will be prepared to allow it to loose huge sums of money.

By the way, the quickest way to set up a Band Page on Facebook is to se the Reverbnation App.

While on computer matters here's a little extra. With Microsoft Office being so expensive and MS Works being so cumbersome to use you might be interested in a FREE full Office Suite I've found made available by Sun the folks who provide the Java platforms man of us use to upload pictures to Facebook etc. The Suite is fully compatible with the Microsoft Programmes (not Office 2010 yet) and I think is based on the old Lotus programme which was one of the first integrated Word Processing programmes on the market. But you can't go too far wrong with FREE so check it out HERE

Well I did promise that I would have a few things for you this week – they are all unfortunately locked on the hard disc of my main Computer, so you'll all just have to wait until next week.

It's a busy old week out there again. Steve Ashley is playing Barnsley on Monday evening and Welsh Geoff is at the Crookes Club on Thursday.

There's also a rumour that Ray Hearne will be playing The Handsworth Club at The Cross Keys on Tuesday 16th November. Confirmation of this as soon as I can get it.

You can check out the full details and listings of all the local Clubs and Open Mics of the week on the Diary Page HERE

Dave Smith who drags acts kicking and screaming to his various open air events over in Wirksworth is looking for people to perform in the run up to Christmas at some of The Farmer Markets ad other events. Email him HERE to get full details of dates and venues

Acoustic Rotherham 10. The full list of acts appearing at Acoustic Rotherham 10 can be found HERE more details later in December.

Many thanks to those who have taken time to send me your ideas about how the Acoustic Rotherham afternoons might be improved – and how we might get Acoustic Rotherham “out there” and more attractive to an audience.


And that's it for this week. Let's hope that we'll be fully operational again by next week.

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