Sunday, 21 November 2010

Technology Takes up Time - But we Try

I think we can settle down to a bit of normality now.

The Technology problems appear to have slowly but surely been worked through. By Tuesday the Old Mashing Machine had been returned in a condition that allowed me to get at the essential data it contained on the Hard Disc and by late Tuesday it was all safely placed on an external Hard Disc.

The New Mashing Machine was delivered on Friday and it is on that machine that I am writing this weeks News Blog.

All the data moving has caused some problems with the Web Site, it will take me a bit of time to get discover all the missing links. However the good news is that I've managed to sort out the download files on the Web Site and all the links now work. That means you can now get at and download The Mashers Folk Up Front which was repeated by Terry Ferdinand on Bishop FM HERE on the “Book The Mashers” Page. You can also find a number of other Masher downloads on this page as well.

If you couldn't listen in on Radio or over the Internet last week it's well worth a listen, with Myke's music selections being more than a little off of centre.

Currently I find that my teaching Diary is rather full, and I'm also working on a Commercial Web Site job which means time is limited, especially as I now have to do a bit of catching up on the latter following a week's hold up. This means my adventures out into the big wide World are very limited.

I have to add that I'm still working through this really down period when I'm simply not enjoying the performing. I think that there is a lot going on there – so we won't dig down to deeply into that hole here.

I can report that Craig Bookers book signing at Waterson's on Saturday was a great success. He sold out!! so thank you all those readers who went along.

You can still buy his book on the Acoustic Rotherham Amazon Shop HERE And if you want it signed I'm sure we can work out a way of getting that done for you. The perfect Christmas present for the Crime lover.

Talking of crimes. Last Sunday found me, along with Mrs Masher in our local Club where an “entertainer” attempted the classic Elvis Impersonation – all dressed up, a couple of weak attempts at “the moves” shocking backing tracks but an interesting light show and did he sound like Elvis? Well no, actually.

You have to admire these guys though, it takes a lot of guts to get up there and perform that sort of show, so while this one fell a bit short for me I take my cap off for the attempt.

And Ken the Hat has nothing to fear on the costume front.

And of Christmas Presents............ don't forget the Myke Barritt Music Trust event on the 14th December has a Bring and Buy element, plus one or two odds from the Myke Collection, so who knows, you find a bargain or two and contribute to The Trust Funds at the same time, while also enjoying some excellent music.

There was also a Trust get together at The Red Deer on Sunday, in fact folks will be washing down and heading out as I type this Blog. Full details of what you have missed – and the Xmas Bash can be found HERE

A message from the Leader of The Black Bull Gang, Martin, to say that the all between Festive hangovers All Dayer at the Black Bull will be taking place on Wednesday 29th December. Food, booze and some fantastic music all starting at around 1:00pm. And of course and very importantly we should also remind folks that there is a very important meeting of Nellie Folk that evening, starting at the usual time of 8:45pm. You can keep a check on all the Festive stuff by going to our December Diary HERE

I'm sure I've left something out, but my brain and time allow for no more. You lucky people. I know I promised you some new stuff but I'm sorry it's going to take time to put together so bare with me and it will eventually pop up.

So until next time – whatever you are doing this week have fun and keep it live.

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