Thursday, 26 June 2014


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Tuesday, 10 June 2014


Subject:  SLAMFEST3

The Cutlers, Westgate will now stage Ed Tudor Pole on Sunday the 6th July and The Trades will stage Eddie and the Hotrods. 

This means that unfortunately RAE Slamfest will not this year be taking place at Clifton Park. 

The reason for this is financial. 

RAE invest a considerable sum of money in mounting a FREE music Festival, bringing together the Rotherham music Community and this year to support the fantastic local Bands four headline Bands across the two days. 

Unfortunately the costs involved in mounting the event at the Park are prohibitive.  Essential stalls and concession income have been taxed by the Park Management, meaning that approx. one third of Income would be lost, in addition to a fixed fee for using the Walled Garden. 

When contrasted with venues prepared to actually contribute towards the cost of the Festival the RAE Board feel that they have no alternative but to pull the event from the Park. 

This is unfortunate at a time when the Council is trying to encourage people to use the Park and also encourage new people from outside the Town to discover what Rotherham has to offer. 

Further more, the policy of the Park Management is in stark contrast to that of the Town Centre Events Team who have given RAE every consideration and encouragement to maintain our Town Centre Stage, and venues across the Town Centre for the Saturday 5th July, where the fantastic news is that The Beat will be appearing – giving 100% support to the Rotherham music scene. 

We are now looking forward to the biggest FREE music Festival in South Yorkshire.   

RAE Board