Thursday, 20 December 2012

Big Pre Christmas Fun and Games. Good and Bad News

Ho,ho,ho  Christmas is coming upon us fast. 

PANIC.  No cards sent and no presents bought, not that I have any money; but then, who has?

Saturday night and what a cracker.  Just about squeezed myself into The Bridge to have a listen to The Tom Killner Band.  But first an honourable mention for Jesse Courts who produced one of the stronger female acoustic performances I’ve seen on a Saturday night in 2012.  A great set of covers ranging across so many song genres – particularly liked The Queen number.  I suspect we’ll be seeing a lot more from this young lady into 2013.

As for the Tom Killner Band……..  with a cracking atmosphere in the pub, Tom slammed out his blues; his guitar technique shows  maturity beyond his years, and there were signs in this performance that he is beginning to find and experiment with his own sound more. 

Make the most of the chances of listening to this amazing talent locally as it will not be long before Tom is heading off to more exotic venues………….  

Next chance to spot Tom locally is on the 2ndt February when he Band at the Goat Leaf CD launch which also launches the “Live at the Trades” series of Rock Concerts. 

The great music didn’t end there on Saturday.  Mick headed off to take a look at The Charters where The Sons of El Roacho were in residence with their Psychobilly punk rockin’.  Mick’s verdict, excellent music but what a pity about that not more were in attendance and where was the heating?   Hate to say it, but all the signs of dyeing pub.   The Sons of El Roacho have built a fantastic reputation for themselves locally and rightly so as they always produce a great show.  It really does surprise me that they don’t get bigger Gigs to play, especially when you see some of the Bands imported by Agents from the North East that populate our Working Men’s Clubs for much of the year.

For me it was back to Rawmarsh Trades and Labour where Mike Burton and the Soulmen were plying their wares.  Packed Club.  Dancing all the way and a fantastic atmosphere.  Simply fantastic entertainment even if one is being a snob, the harmonies were not that fantastic, and on one occasion they even started to sing the wrong song to the backing tracks………….    but no one cared.   Particularly impressive was the way it was clear that the play list was altered to suit the audience and atmosphere at any one time, a trick that a lot more acts be they in the WMCs or on the pub circuit could learn. 

A pointer to two look back videos of Rotherham Artists out and about.  The Urban Piano project, featuring a special appearance by twinkle fingers Vicky Hilton ( a talent she has kept under her hat from me – probably frightened that she would be invited to become a Masher).  HERE  The second celebrates the brave souls who headed to the Imperial Building Winter Market, which the Masher could not get to as Son Number 1 was recovering from a hangover, (he has paid the price.  (HERE  - only just as I went to set the link the presentation disappeared from Facebook.

And the great music just keeps carrying on into Christmas.  Seasonal, hohoho, Leather Zoo set off on their Eurotrash Tour on Wednesday night and hits Rotherham on Friday.   And what a show they have with the best of Euro Punk from across the Continent, supplemented with a few local bands and singers, including one of Rotherham’s young bubbling under Bands, Waiting for Eddie.  The Rotherham leg of the Tour is at The Charters (hope the heating is on and it has some beer) on Friday 21st December, yes that’s this FRIDAY.  The Tour is travelling the Northern Midlands, and Manchester.

If you’ve not caught up with Leather Zoo you can find their music HERE.  It’s simply classic Punk and now has a togetherness that comes only from lots of gigging; and that is exactly what Leather Zoo do, continually touring Germany and other parts of Europe and even the USA.  So for a real Party get yourself to the Charters on Friday.  AND IT’S FREE

If you still have energy after this Christmas Party, then The Bridge on Saturday is where you will want to be, with Papa Legba’s, beating out their rhythms and causing much wriggling around the Town from 9:00pm

And also at The Bridge on Saturday evening, something just a little bit different with BOT, that’s Bunch of Thespians to you and I.  From 7:15pm and for £3 to get into the upstairs room you’ll be treated to a potboiler of serious and comedy sketches entitled “Here Comes a BOT”.  Worth getting into the Club a couple of hours earlier for one week to catch this show.

But a quick step backwards to Wednesday night 19th and the ROMPers will be having their last ROMP of 2012 at SNAFU; the atmosphere is bound to be Festive so get down to SNAFU for a poem or two, and everyone is welcome.   

Another of the monthly events that is bound to have a great seasonal atmosphere will be the Davenports Ballads singers session at The Riverside in Sheffield.  Bound to be an atmospheric night for the singers out there.  That’s Wednesday.

Amongst all this activity though it’s sad to report the demise of The Cross Keys, Handsworth Club.  The Club started as a mixed genre Club with a great mix of music, storytelling and poetry, with a monthly invited guest.  Indeed the Masher has had several very memorial nights at The Club, where one was always assured of audience participation and, lump in his throat, appreciation.  And whenever I’ve guested we’ve always had a good audience, but sadly the Land Lord has decided that recently attendances have not been at their best, and I know from experience myself, unfortunately, that Club nights have been cancelled, or moved, and while Roy has tried to call everyone it’s not worked, in the sense that he has failed to contact the full potential audience, sometimes involving people in long unnecessary round trips.  It’s also unfortunate that he still feels unable to talk to me – so I can’t get the late programme changes out via the RAE / Acoustic Rotherham Networks.

The word on the Street is that Roy is currently out trying to find another venue for the Club.  It would be nice if he felt able to keep me in the loop. 

The Christmas Nellie Folk is confirmed for Friday 28th at The Bridge.  Going to be great fun this as down stairs there will be an eighteenth birthday party rocking on – and I’m invited to both……  so it’s a guitar in hand job.
The first Nellies of 2013, 28th January will be in a new format; a new format for Nellie Folk that is; yes it’s going to Folk in the Round.  A neat circle will be formed and acts will sing one song each throughout the evening.  Sounds as if we might have to time our runs to the bar better.   I can see why this has been done; to try and breathe some new breath into the Meetings, and I hope that it will work.   We can’t afford to lose another Club in the area.

Speaking of which I see from the latest edition of Stirrings that The Rock is to go fortnightly, with each month having one, let’s call it, big name and the second Saturday for more local quality performers.   While the programme is in Stirrings it has not yet made The Rock’s Web Site, fingers crossed that they will have it all sorted before January. 

The full listings can be found on our listings page HERE.  We will endeavour to keep things current over the Christmas period.  Always check Web Sites where available during the Holiday weeks as every Club will be making it’s own arrangements to celebrate the season and unfortunately few will give changes to the norm wide publicity. 

It was fantastic to see Pete Stone pop up on Facebook yesterday, showing that recovery from his operation is well underway.   All power to you mate, and given that clearly your fingers have not been affected we hope to see you out there playing for Pam very soon.

Fans of Mike Harding who have been upset by his removal from the Radio 2 Folk Show will be pleased to learn that his view on the Folk scene will still be accessible via an On Line Radio Station and Podcast.  You can find Mike’s new Show at from the 30th December at 5:00pm.  It will then run for the week to be replaced by the new show.  The old show will be put in a archive and made available as a Podcast. 

Charity CDs and Christmas songs come to my Inbox, / News feed.  Thanks guys.  So let’s point you to some goodies starting with the Liverpool Hillsborough Fund’s “He’s Not Heavy He’s My Brother”.  It’s available as a hard copy for £2 and 89p as an MP3 Download from our Amazon Store HERE

Being a complete snob, you will not find the XFactor recording in our store.  Being a bit cynical or judgemental; finding it strange that Simon has decided to make the Xfactor recording a Charity Record. 

Here’s something for nought – a performance live from his kitchen or shed from Germany Based Alan Moorhouse “Oh Sod It! Here Comes Christmas”, surely a must for next years NOW Christmas Album  (you know that you’re getting old when you can remember the first twenty track version on vinyl – it’s now a three CD Collection!) Alan’s song is HERE  While closer to home the Bar Steward Son’s of Val Doonigan have launched their Christmas video.  Be afraid, as they launch into a typical BSS version of “Do They Know It’s Christmas” , it’s something I’ve often wondered about Bansley, indeed often wondered if Barnsley knew that there was life beyond Tesco.   Find it HERE

There are also some excellent tracks released by good friends of Acoustic Rotherham and RAE.  Dylan fans will be interested in young John McCullagh, yes, he who made his debut on stage during the Fringe Festival in Rotherham, who has recorded some cover versions of Dylan songs which he has put on SoundCloud HERE The recordings demonstrate the talent this young man has.  I can also report he is already building a fine reputation for himself around the County. 

Dylan Brierley another young gentleman who is building a fine reputation has his EP Black Sheep available.   We’ve got it in our Amazon Store for just under three quid for the download.   HERE   It’s excellent. 

And one from one of Yorkshire Folk’s unsung heroes of promoters and singers, Stephen Mathews of the Acoustic G String Fame has released a song of his very own “Albatross”.  Great to see Stephen flourishing out there; and incidentally, he writes a mean News Letter as well.  Check out his song HERE

And here's a bit of my favourite blues man from the North of the County, if only because he's let me play with his former girl friend's wooden leg.  Chris Martin.   If you've not had him at your Club, he's a must.  Click HERE

And there’s still time, especially if you’re stumped for a Christmas present, to buy one of the astonishing Slamfest T shirts for the remarkable price of £4 plus bus fare to Rotherham Town Centre to pick them up.   Details of how to order HERE

More Christmas goodies, and you might find some unique presents at the Swinton Lock Art Centre.  Pop in, and there are some excellent bargains to be had in the Sale they have on.   More details HERE

And who remembers our man from Germany Kurt.   Back in April he played to a very select yet sensationally appreciative audience at The Bridge.  Kurt has a new CD out, and he promises to have it in the post to you before Christmas if you order before 11pm on 24th December.    When it’s delivered, that will be anyone’s guess.   Email Kurt for more details

On RAE matters.  The programme for “Live At The Trades” continues to take shape.  This week we’ve added The East Street Band and DirtyDylan to the line-up for the year.   Despite some dreadful shift patterns Mick has been grinding away.   The difficult bit will be setting up the local showcase shows, so Bands please bear with him.  We are also looking to put more feature nights on, let us know of Bands and music you would like to hear – Email HERE  but more of that in the New Year I suspect.

Hope to get more of the Live at The Trades Web Site going before too long.  Check it out HERE 

We’d also like to hear from young folks who would like to help us with the Festivals and events during 2013.  Perks, a T Shirt when we get to print them, free entry tom RAE events, the gratitude of two old men and if we get the sponsorship, who knows?  food, water, and if you are big boys / girls beer.   Duties will include all sorts of interesting activities – from ticket sales to fly posting, etc, etc, etc.  If you would like to join us for a Meeting in the New Year Email HERE   That includes anyone who would like to volunteer to work with RAE.

Acoustic Rotherham continues to consult about it’s future.  If you’ve a view, or an idea that will make it sexier and more attractive to the none performer, please Email HERE

Yes times will be very hard in 2013, and for the Arts in particular.  Before you cheer about Pickles pledge to freeze Council Tax for yet another year be very careful what you wish for, because when the freeze is put against the cuts that our Council will be expected to make and the current inflation rate many of the services we take for granted will be under threat – well not threat – they will simply have to be cut.  WARNING once they are gone, they will be gone forever.  Make it your New Year’s Resolution to make your voice heard, and protest against this so called caring Government. 

I’m passing on this message / Facebook posting from Steve, and if you can help in anyway, please do:

“After a four year wait, Steve Rogers and Taiba Yasseen are embarking on the final play of The Kashmir Project – the “jewel in the crown” of Open Minds Theatre Company’s artistic work. The plan is to tour this next year to Rotherham, Sheffield, Huddersfield, Bradford, Luton, Oxford, Birmingham and Leicester.

Would you like help this happen? We have made an application to the Arts Council but, as many of you know, the Arts Council like match funding and we need to raise some.

Your support will make a real difference to help complete this unique work telling the story of the Kashmiri community in Rotherham.

Donations whether small or very big would be extremely welcome and acknowledged in the programme.”   CLICKHERE

And from projects looking to get underway in 2013 the Justgiving site may provide you with an extra tool in your tool kit.

STOP PRESS:  More bad news from the music side of things.  I’ve just found out, probably well behind everyone else, that Andy Hoult of Toein’ In the Dark has done something nasty to his hand which involved a two day break in Hospital.   My source tells me that he on the mend and we’ll be hearing him playing and singing in the New Year.

There’s exciting Toein’ In the Dark News coming our way in the New Year, so stay tuned. 

That’s it for the moment – sorry I’ve left a load of stuff out, but time presses and I must get this Blog live.

OK, you’ve twisted my arm before I go.   A picture, not sure where I collected it from, of our Rotherham Town Centre Team lapping up being over shadowed by the Guardsmen.   I for one will not be deliberately upsetting them in 2013 given the friends they have.  

Whatever you are doing this week have great fun, support your local artists and KEEP IT LIVE

Monday, 10 December 2012

Good News / Those Christmas Presents / And some Great Music

Starting this week news of a one of our number who currently is having to be exceptionally brave in life.    A couple of months ago Pete of Keystone Acoustic was diagnosed with having a mouth cancer, meaning that his entire palette has had to be removed and replaced with a chunk of flesh from elsewhere on his body. 

Pam and Pete have worked extremely hard over the past eighteen months or so and have firmly established themselves on the Yorkshire Folk Scene and firm favourites at so many singer and Folk evenings.

Pete had the operation on Friday, and according to Pam’s latest Facebook statement, the operation has gone well and Pete is already getting around and issuing orders, by Postit Note.  

I’m sure that you’ll all want to join with us in wishing both Pam and Pete all the very best for the Festive season and a really quick recovery for Pete in the New Year.   This is true bravery and a real fight to overcome the nasties that life can throw at some folks. 

Pete and I have already chuckled over the fact that it was a good job that he didn’t do much singing in the Keystone Acoustic Act; on the other hand it will be great to hear him do one or two of his best songs once his voice is able to take it.

I know, weak excuse, but nonetheless true, I couldn’t come out and play in the freezing cold at the Button Tin’s Christmas Party, and ROAR Christmas Fayre because my son number one could not move himself from his Leeds based bed.   His story is that he had to be carried home by his Partner on Friday night and thus was unfit to drive until mid-afternoon.   (Being very responsible for a change).  

I’m told that both the Imperial Building and Old Market Gallery celebrations went well.   I did manage to pop my head around the corner of the ROAR event on Friday, and there was some super art being sold.  Of course visitor numbers could have been better, but I hope the event gets a second chance in 2013 and that maybe we might be able to drum up a lot more interest in it.

Checking out the chat on the street fantastic praise goes to Gemma for creating such a fantastic event.  All success to her in 2013.

Thanks to anyone who responded to The Mashers cry for acoustic artists to freeze themselves to death……………  and honest…… he’s really sorry that he could not get there himself. 

He did get out Saturday night.  Not to where he really wanted to be, but dragged across the road by Mrs Masher to the Trades and Labour Club.   If nothing else, The Eaton Rifles are truly authentic punk rockers from their set list, through the authentic sound distortion due to having all the sliders up at the limit and of course the equipment failures.  

What is it with the Eaton Rifles equipment and Rawmarsh.  Earlier this year, or was it 2011 (time flies so quickly these days for my poor memory) the Club lost a Saturday night because the sound system blew up during the sound check, at least it took until thirty minutes into the second set before it all went quiet and dark.   After much knob twiddling they came back after fifteen minutes (yes 40% of the audience had made their way home) for three more numbers only for the equipment to go down again 75% into the final song. 

So is it the Rawmarsh air, hard luck, coincidence or a lack of investment in the Band’s equipment? 

But what of the music, slick, professional and as said before a well-constructed set list, including all the old favourite ska and punk numbers.  For a change, for such a well-polished covers Band, they had authentic bounce born out of their enthusiasm for the music.  Hats off guys a fantastic and entertaining night, but such a pity it finished on the anti-climax of the equipment failure.

So let’s talk a little about the Trades Club, or Venue as Mick now likes to call it.  The new Web Site is now live, it’s called Live at The Trades, leaving you to add Club or Venue according to your age.   You can get to it HERE It will grow and develop as our Partnership grows.

The latest Concert to have it’s line up completed is the Havana Rocks event in April, which also includes three other top local Bands.   You can buy On line Tickets to all the events HERE @ We Got Tickets.  

I’m not going to get tied down by too much chit chat this week, so into the great stuff coming our way.  

The Acoustic Rotherham problem present solver is back into full motion.   On Wednesday Cll Ken Wyatt and associates will be gathering at the Ring O Bells Mexborough from around 7:00pm to launch a new pictorial book about Swinton.   It’s titled “A Swinton Pictorial”.  Two hundred pictures with captions all for £10.  Get down to the pub and have a pint as well.

Ironically, or is co-incidentally Sting Theory will be playing at the Ring O Bells, but the one over Silkstone way, not the Mexborough version.  This is a super night for the instrumentalists amongst you, and I believe there is the odd one or two songs as well.

Yes you can get the details HERE on the listings page, along with more information about the Shipping Forecast’s Christmas do at The Great Gatsby over in Sheffield, and what might be an interesting evening, if cold, at the Old Market Gallery in Rotherham where ten years of Love Music, Hate Racism will be celebrated with speakers and some music, I hope. 

And as for Saturday, it’s simply exhausting…………………   well for so old that is.  More Christmas presents can be bought at the Tom Kilner Band’s EP CD Launch.  A classic night of technically brilliant blues heading your way.   Tom has been raising his profile around the Country recently, so it’s great to welcome him back to base camp Rotherham for a night out at The Bridge.   

Rockabilly punk fusion at it’s very best with the much under rated Sons of El Roacho at The Charters  should be another bouncing night, while in Barnsley Seventh Son are having a top night at the Parkway Cinema with their special guest Graham Oliver.

Swansong are over at Beeston for those who fancy an evening at the Marina and more sedate but just as powerful as all of the above The Davenports will be performing at the Farm Museum in York.

Once again you can find all the details HERE – that’s right, the listings page. 

And those are just the edited highlights; you’ll find all the regular events will be running as well. 


First, to those of you not boycotting Amazon because of their lack of Tax payments please, please use the links that you’ll find HERE.  All the commissions help Acoustic Rotherham / RAE to keep the workings going. 

While I don’t like picking out favourites, because I find it tends to get me into trouble, let me draw your attention to a couple of craft folks I met at the ROAR Christmas Fayre on Friday and whose work caught my eye. 

First Minx Designs, who did a rather nice line in “man bags”.  Bags with a picture of a bloke on – which any lady would be proud to carry non their arm around Rotherham Town.  More details at

The second being the work of Scott Engineering.  Scott does incredible things with the colours and designs one finds in the miniscule cells  minerals and the natural world.  It’s fascinating work, and the Lady in your life would kill for one of his silk scarfs – if has any left.

Nothing there?  Then why not head to David Kidman’s CD Reviews, HERE, some brilliant CDs there, and most available via the Amazon Shop.

And what about the great Mugs and other useful kit you can buy the writer, in your life?  Find the link in the Word Pit HERE

Did I hear someone shout T Shirts.   Yes Slamfest T Shirts at £4 can be bought HERE

Whatever you are doing this week, have great fun, support your local artists and KEEP IT LIVE.

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Thefts / Christmas Presents / and pointers to good music to come.

I hope you’re panicking?   Well you’ve only another 21 shopping days for Christmas, in fact I start this Blog on what apparently is called “Cyber Monday” as everyone in the Country is spending their cash on line, or those with a clean record load up those credit cards because it will be January before they will cause any concern; and then it’s a new Year.  

It’s only 19 NOW!!!  And counting.

Since I last tapped the keyboard we’ve a new MP for those in the middle of Old Rotherham Town,  Sarah Champion taking over from Dennis the Menace.  Rather frightening to see the extreme right in the form of UKIP and the BNP coming in second and third though; a sign of the times, and hopefully more to do with poor decision making at RMBC over the UKIP Foster Parents and Bye Election kick back than any serious move to the right.   Sadly I have heard it argued that it reflects polarised nature of politics in Rotherham – I truly hope not.

Students of the Web Site and Facebook pages will have seen that the RAE “Live at The Trades” programme is beginning to take on a bit of shape.   There will soon be a Web Site dedicated to “Live at The Trades” but in the mean time you can find the immediate featured events on the RAE Site HERE or Acoustic Rotherham HERE   It all starts in February.   You can buy on line at We Got Tickets, follow the links you’ll find HERE

ACOUSTIC MUSICIANS are still wanted for the Winter Arts Market at The Imperial Building, Corporation Street, Rotherham on Saturday 8th December.   YES, that’s right it’s is this Saturday.  Besides the music, poetry and the HOG ROAST!! you get the chance to play a couple of tunes, and maybe solve a couple of present problems.  ROAR’s Christmas Fayre will be into it’s second day over the road at the Old Market Gallery, I’m sure you’ll find some excellent bargains.  Details HERE

Tom hasn’t told me if anyone got down to Herringthorpe for a sing and make some noise, but if any of you did, many thanks.  And also great thanks to the volunteer who took Diamond Velocity to their Gig in Barnsley. 

Did I mention it?   Christmas is coming.  Christmas is a peak time for thefts and burglaries as one of number, indeed one of our more senior Bands has discovered.  Hey Sholay, who I am told, (Dickie showing his ignorance) is one of Sheffield’s biggest bubbling under bands had I believe, their van nicked.  In it of course was a mass of gear.  If the picture on the Blog is not big enough to read, please go to the RAE Facebook timeline where by making the appropriate clicks you might find a more readable version.    Please keep ears and eyes open for anyone selling gear cheap, and if you happen to come across the equipment please contact Hey Sholay   HERE and or the police.  As Dixon of Dock Green would say, "you make sure those amplifiers and drums are well locked away and carted for during these Christmas nights.  Evenin' all".

More Christmas present ideas………………..     Why not give your nearest and dearest one of those amazing SLAMFEST  TSHIRSTS.   £4 buys an XXL  XL or L one.  A bargain at half the price.  Although I’m not sure what Mick will do with the loft insolation removed during these cold days.   Head HERE to make your Order.

And if you’re looking for a CD stocking filler……..     well, I’ve eventually got around to updating David Kidman’s Review Page.   Loads and loads of CD ideas can be found, and many of them are from local Yorkshire artists.   Head off HERE

I’d also like to commend to you a written / spoken word page, “The Word Pit” edited by Chris Bilton.   The “Word Pit” replaces poets corner.  It’s taken me some time, much longer than it should have done to get the page live.  There is an excellent collection of poems and the latest news for the writers in our readership – we’ve also got some excellent links HERE  If you’ve a poem or item that you would like Chris to include on the page then please Email Chris HERE  You’ll also find a useful link – I think – to a site offering some interesting gift ideas for the writer.

Thanks to Carol Robson who did great job as Poets Corner editor before overwhelmed by the PIP Campaign and the publication and launch of her Book.  I believe that she currently writing her one person show.  So all best to Carol and for you present searchers, head to Carol’s page to buy her book “Words of Darkness and Light”.   Or better still buy it from the Acoustic Rotherham Amazon Shop HERE


So onwards. 

The week ahead is looking fantastic again, in fact starting tonight as the Sheaf Leaf River Band go into bluegrass land at the Gardeners Rest;  Friday it’s ROMP night at The Bridge, anyone know what this new slogan “exercising our freedom” means? ;  first Friday of the month so it’s Play On at the Rutland, Sheffield, a super session night, and in the new year I really must get over there to experience one at The Rutland; and the ROAR Christmas Fayre starts at The Old Market Gallery.

Saturday – well I’ve already pointed you towards the Winter Arts at the Imperial Building; it’s LIVE at The Bridge; and Wordlife will be celebrating their 6th Birthday over at the Riverside in Sheffield.

On Tuesday there’s a special charity showing of “We Are Poets”.  All proceeds are going towards the Roundabout Children’s Charity, and next Thursday The Shipping Forecast have their Christmas special at the Great Gatsby in Sheffield.


Oh and some bad news.  I discovered today that the Christmas Special at Henry Boons in Wakefield run by Steve Chapman-Smith  on 27th December will be the last………………….  To celebrate Steve has been trolling the regulars and ten acts will be making an appearance…………..   oh what fun, and most of the top names from the Region will be there.  Make a date – it should be a good one, and it’s FREE.

I would also suggest that you check out The Rock Web Site, link on the Listings page, as the run in to Pete Shaw’s retirement gets underway the Club have an excellent programme of artists appearing.  Check it all out.  You can also find out what is going to happen in January.

Mick tells me that he still has some gaps for Bands for the RAE Live at The Trades Band Nights, so get your name down.To be considered and to get more details, contact Mick HERE and pray that he has not been working nights.

Those on the folk and acoustic side need not fear.  There are plans for a monthly event; the detail needs to be sorted.

And two final places to look for that extra special unique Christmas present  the Cupala Gallery at Hillsborough has lots of seasonal artwork you can find out more HERE, while an artist I admire considerably for his use of colour and light Alex Lowe in Sheffield has some excellent canvases for sale.  Go HERE

And that really is it for this week folks.

Watch out though……………….   I might have a few surprises up my sleeve, then again I might not!

Whatever you are doing this weekend, stay warm, have great fun, support your local artists, especially at the Imperial Building Christmas special (SINGERS WANTED) and KEEP IT LIVE