Thursday, 25 April 2013

The Missing Blog - Episode 1. The RAE Drop In Centre

There is so much to cover that I’m publishing the Blog in episodes lol.   This first one deals with me and developments at the Wellgate Drop In Centre.

Another big gap for which I apologise, it’s been a difficult time.  However, finally the diagnosis has been sorted and I’ve been referred to all the people who can help me most through the difficulties which I fear will only get worse as time goes on. 

It does mean that as the brain slows and the arms and fingers find it more difficult to operate that there may well be some big gaps in time spans between Blogs, all a bit of a hindrance, especially when there is so much going on.  PLEASE go to our Web Sites and Facebook pages regularly to keep right up to date with what is going on.   WebSites – just follow the links and Facebook page HERE and click like to have our notifications come direct to your Facebook Home feed. 

 And now there is another place where you can find out about the Music and other good things that Rotherham has to offer in the Arts.  The RAE Music Drop In Centre at 25, Wellgate, Rotherham is now open and from 22nd April will open Tuesday / Friday and Saturday from 11:00am – 3:00pm.     You can find out some of what the Drop In Centre is about on the Centre’s page HERE

We hope in time to be able to offer a normal Office hours service, but to do this we will need volunteers and lots of them, and volunteers are hard to find.  If you can donate four hours a week then please Email HERE

The key things that the Drop In Centre will be doing is –

(i)                  Make Gig ticket sales; especially Live at the Trades events.  However, we will sell tickets to any Gig for Rotherham bands. 

(ii)                 We will seek to help Bands sell their CDs by making them available through the Centre.  This will also include the work of acts that support Acoustic Rotherham events.

(iii)               We will help to publicise Gigs at any Rotherham venue all you have to do is bring in a Poster. 

(iv)              Publicise other Rotherham Arts by Exhibiting the art of some of Rotherham’s Artists.

(v)                Provide an opportunity for local authors to make their books available without the need for mail order.

(vi)              Promote Arts and Crafts in Rotherham

(vii)             Provide a meeting room to any Band, Act or Artist. 

(viii)           Provide an administrative base for RAE – Slamfest and The Fringe Festival.

(ix)              The Room can also be used for more intimate gatherings, Book Readings, Poetry Readings, acoustic music gatherings etc. 

(x)                And as the name suggests provide a general Drop in for musicians to post news on the notice board, e.g.  Forming a Band – Band needs – equipment sales etc.  

(xi)              Or just simply have a cup of coffee and a chin wag. 


All this has been made possible by Point Blank who have made the building available to us and the generosity of Bristol Street Motors Vauxhall dealership (Chesterfield) who have supplied all the Office Furniture with the promise of computers to come.      

We’ve already started to hang pictures from Rotherham Artists and display books and the crafts of Minx Designs who has created an exclusive limited edition of Slamfest Bags – it demonstrates how material can be recycled, a theme of her work.   If you have something that you would like included please Email us or telephone. 

So one final reminder of the basics.

Open three days a week currently.
Bring your posters and fliers in.
Artists can exhibit.
The Meeting room.
And an open door policy to anyone.