Monday, 25 February 2013

Fantastic Week To Look Back on + More Great Music in Week Ahead

A fairly tired young man sits to tap out a few words about an excellent week of activities.

My thanks to Mark Hearne who again dragged me out for a bit of a sing at The Black Bull.  Apparently the Open Mic has been suffering from a few low attendances recently, but there was no sign of this on Tuesday; the place was packed out, and acts were down to two songs, the Masher demonstrating his rustiness to the full.   However, it was great to see so many of my old mates out and about and in such good voice. 

It was a great evening and included CHIPS and stuff…… but don’t tell the Doctor.  But Oh dear, the free pint is no more, a pint of stones requiring a £1 top up.  A sign of the times I fear. 

Friday and Rocker Mick tells me that I need to get to The Bridge for an evening of Underground Metal.  A Gig that was clearly a big secret as I’d not heard about it.  The guys behind it are normally found at the Skaters Shop in Rotherham and have been actively involved in various Festivals locally and have been very supportive of RAE work.  Of course, Mick couldn’t make it! He was working and I took the 108 to Town not really knowing what to expect, and to throw a few fliers around for our Indie Night and Psychedelic Warlords event.

This was a young person’s event, big time, and it was really so good to see so many young people in one place enjoying LIVE music.  And enjoy they did; I was exhausted by the end of the night just watching the walling and body surfing,  Yes, it was a very physical event. 

I got in as Seconds Apart a Rotherham Band that I had not come across before.  You would really have to give them top marks for their musicianship lyrics and pure entertainment value – unusually for ones so young they worked the audience and drove the music on in a classy traditional “underground” performance reminiscent of the early glory days of Punk and Ska.    Exciting stuff that for me had everything.

Hey Joni are a Band from Kent doing what I assume is a half term tour along with Rotherham Band Cast Ashore.  These two Bands had played Nottingham on Thursday night, and following the Rotherham Gig were heading South to play in Brighton.  Dedication from Parents and Band alike.

But to Hey Joni who started their set with three really driving songs and then appeared to run out of energy, I’m sure that was not the case, more that they were looking to down tempo, but unfortunately the songs were simply not standing up.  To down tempo this sort of music and make it work is extremely difficult, there are very few Heavy Metal Ballads, let alone this version of the genre. There was a rousing end to the set though.

On technical ability Cast Ashore shone out on the night, while perhaps lacking in the driving entertainment stakes.  Thirty minutes of frighteningly energy draining music and some good lyrics as well.  The audience were responded in fine style and how they survived the night without any bones being broken only he above knows.   Great stuff.

So here was the young people that many of us have been searching for, demonstrating a love for LIVE music and playing it with no lack of technical skill.  Indeed, and it has been a long time, I would say that general standard of playing and performance was much better than what was often served up during my youth. 

And it was certainly much better organised – RAE are often viewed as a commercial but hey, we could learn a thing or two from these young people.  All the Bands had T shirts and CDs to sell, and give aways as well – I can think of one or two more senior Bands that really could learn a thing or two.   

Congratulations to the promoters and everyone who took part.  And sorry, no Masher pictures, my phone’s Battery had ran down. 

To another closely guarded open secret.  Saturday night and the visit of The Banner Theatre to Rotherham Trades for an event organised by Rotherham Trades Council, for Rotherham against the cuts and Save our NHS.  Given everything that is going on at the moment in Rotherham, hundreds of jobs threatened the Health Trust; the massive cuts to front line services by Local Authorities in Rotherham and Sheffield; Workfare; Benefit Cuts for extra bedrooms in the public sector; and the changes to the benefits system that will affect almost everyone at some point in their life, the turnout could be said to be a little disappointing. 

I do hope that the guys in the decision making department have learnt one or two things about promoting an event from this experience.   The Posters were inadequate, there were not enough posters put up, there were no fliers printed, no advertising taken out, and the Trade Unions who professed support towards the aims and purpose of the event demonstrated little support.  Now where have you seen that in one of my Blogs before.

If the audience was supposed to come from the fringes of the left in the arts community, a worse night could not have been chosen for the event, with Papa Legba’s and Stan Skinny promoting events in the Town on the same night.  In retrospect the question had to be asked if this was really an entertainment that was suitable for a Saturday night.

Finally, no local performer to draw local interest.  All lessons I have learnt over the past five years of putting events on in the Town.  I did try to help but the dye had been set by the time full reality of the situation had been realised. 

That said, well done Tom and the boys for the show together and having the imagination to bring The Banner Theatre to Rotherham.  Banner Theatre were heavily involved in South Yorkshire during “the strike” providing motivation and doing fund raising events across the County.   So their connection to Rotherham is already well established.   The performance has gone through many reincarnations and the show on Saturday night was one of song supported by interludes using screened News and film clips to illustrate the destruction currently being undertaken by the Condem Government in the name of Austerity and Deficit Cutting.  The best bit for me was the connection of the dots between Thatcher and all points to Cameron which demonstrated how the power of Capital had engineered the situation we currently have. 

The music was cutting and contemporary, played with a mix of electric and acoustic guitar plus keyboard.  

I could really see this show going down well as part of a rally or as an ingredient in an evening of entertainment for the Trade Unions.  

Supporting were Barnsley newbie Band The Hurriers.  It was good to see three young lads playing with a couple of more experienced heads, even if it had been sometime since the older members had last played in a Band. 

As the band develop I can see The Hurriers creating quite a following for themselves with the Punky / Ska feel to their music ringing out.  The guitars need to be a little more ringing though, and the vocals need a bit of fiddling on the reverb / other knobs just for a bit more depth for the style of music.  Note to drummer – “smile”.

But all hail to the Band who I hope will be bashing their songs out around the County and getting that stage experience that is so essential and on their way I know that they will be making many friends. 

Onto a packed Bridge where Papa Legba’s were again crunching it out.  No review here, my love of the Band and it’s members are well known, but hey can’t leave it without mentioning Rachel’s red shorts – wow   lol    And if anyone is not sure just how good they are, Rockin’ Mick only went into The Bridge for a swift pint before heading home, three hours later he left to find a taxi….   Lol  I was a good boy and did manage to catch the last bus home.

Finally, can’t personally comment on The Stan Skinny’s Wordsmack Cabaret at the Old Market Gallery as obviously I was down the Hill, but my spies were out and about and reported a fantastic turnout by fans of the spoken word.  They also said the performances were simply hilarious, but, for one or two even laughing from start to finish could not keep them warm enough to stay in the building.  Oh dear.  But well done to Vicky for all her hard work on preparing the Gallery.  

Speaking of the Old Market Gallery I’ve picked up that there is event on Tuesday which forms part of the Rotherham Gay and Lesbian Month long exhibition, one of the artists you can expect to see is Carol Robson who’s poetry is getting considerable interest, especially within the Women’s Movement.  

Mick picks up the keys to what will become the RAE Music Drop In Centre on Wellgate this coming week.   As I have a week of medical and allied things coming up we’ve decided to wait until after our Rock Weekend with the Psychedelic Warlords on Friday night and the Indie’s Revenge + Punk on Saturday night both LIVE AT THE TRADES (Good job it’s pay week, even if the beer is cheap).   Tickets remain on sale to the days at Mesmerize on Wellgate, The Trades and on line at WegotTickets.

Towards the end of the week we’ll put a time table towards full opening in place, including “Cleaning Day”, can’t wait to see Mick with his feather duster.  Also an offer has been made to help us with Office Furniture, more news about this later.  But it would be good to get a few pounds in donations to help – use the Paypal button or go to the Go Fund Us page for full details of how to help.

One of the little helpers is Amanda from Minx Designs, who will also be seen with a duster but has also donated a Fan Heater to the Centre – thanks Amanda.  Minx designs can be found at some Live At The Trades events, look out for her this coming Saturday in the foyer, and she now has a Facebook Page/Shop where you can find much of her work.  You can see what she does HERE look out for the Man Bags which I think is a very clever idea. 

I was chatting on Saturday night to the leaders of a well-established Band playing the local Pub venues around the Borough.  Unfortunately no prizes for guessing that they have been having problems getting Gigs, like so many.  They have a double frustration as band members don’t want to go onto any of the Internet Sites, despite having some top quality video and recordings to show.  Unfortunately or just by the hard roll of progress, Bands need to be creative, as per the HM Underground Bands on Friday, or downright commercially aggressive by using all the Social Media and playing the Open Mics of the various Music Venues.  The days of dropping off a CD, and waiting for the call for an invitation to pick up a couple of hundred quid have long gone.   I really hope that the Band sort out their modernisation differences because they are true hardened semi pros in the area. 

Some good News though, The Rogues are coming out of hibernation, not surprising as we head towards St Pats day – yes already – on the 16th March they play The Roundwood Golf Club, and on the 17th they play SNAFU.  

What a week.   I had a ball.

And there’s another full week coming up, not least the Rotherham Beer and Music Festival at Magna from Wednesday night.  Now when The Mashers played the event we were told that it was primarily a Beer Festival, yet the posters around Town call it a Music Festival – interesting, or maybe not.  Heard loads of unrest from local Bands about the music line up, only View From S62, who have picked up a subscription spot at 7:00pm each evening seem to be in favour.  No room for last years big hits Papa Legba’s  or Crafty Jack, Black Toad, Swansong , Goat Leaf, Tom Killner, East Street Band, Soulmates or others who regularly sell out venues.  The Organisers seem to have turned to an outstanding range of Tribute Bands few of whom have Rotherham connections.   Maybe those of us who have played the frozen wastes of Magna know the drawbacks……… lol  More seriously, if the fantastic live music scene in Rotherham is to continue to grow then locally organised Festivals need to use the talent within the Town, or at least make sure the proportions make sense.

At The Bridge the week starts with Nellie Folk on Monday and of course ends with ROMP on Friday.  Just heads up that there is a special ROMP session at The Bridge on Saturday 9th when Mike Garry will be conducting a Workshop from 5:45pm with ROMP following on at 7:30pm. 

On Tuesday Sheffield OXJAM is holding an organisational Meeting to get their Committee together for this year’s Event.  All volunteers check out the listings page for the where and when.

There is a new Open Mic Session next Saturday at The Bay Horse, Scholes with Barnsley’s musical Chuckle Brothers in the chair, Bar Steward Sons of Val Doonigan, while Blacktoad play the Bridge, which I think is first outing for their new guitar player. 

And of course it’s the Rockin’ Madness Weekend.  Psychedelic Warlords Live at The Trades, who are they? 

“ Psychedelic Warlords a band made up of former members of Hawkwind and Hawkland will  headline a two night Rock orgy Live at The Trade Venue in Rotherham

This is a chance for those who may have missed the seventies to experience the fantastic technical musicianship that created one of the most acclaimed psychedelic genre performances and recordings of the era, “The Space Ritual” and played by a Band that in part were celebrated for being in the original Band line up. 

It’s rare to attract a Band of this standing to perform in Rotherham outside of Festivals and RAE are proud to host the event as part of the Live At The Trades programme.  

Nice T Shirts will be available as well.   

And on Saturday night the Revenge of the IndieBands + Punk as five bands entertain throughout the night.  It’ll be a late finish and Tickets are only £3 in advance or a £5 on the door. 

All the sessions and Open Mics can be found HERE

For me it’s a week with the medics – looking forward to the weekend already.

Whatever you are doing have great fun, support your local artists and venues and KEEP IT LIVE. 

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Drop In Centre / And what a Week We have Coming Up

Exciting times for RAE.   This year we’ve already launched Live At The Trades, and now thanks to the Point Blank Theatre Company, we shall shortly be opening the RAE Drop In Centre. 

The Drop In Centre was ranked as one of our more ambitious projects, given the cost of Shop Front rental, however, thanks to one of the various schemes that gives Land Lords allowances in return for allowing the property to be used by Community Groups RAE can test the viability of the Drop In idea. 

Our plan is to open in early March and we will be in the week after next.  The building has not been used for some time and so it does not take a genius to work out that job number one will be to give the place a good fettle. 

I’ve not told you where it is yet have I?    You’ll find the Centre at 25, Wellgate, Rotherham.  I’m sure you can recognise it from the picture. 

We need, desks, chairs, and other equipment to get us set up and running as well.  If you have any spare Office Furniture knocking about that you may like to donate to the cause then we’d appreciate it.  Failing that, cash will help and so we’ve set up two ways donations can be made via Paypal and “Gofundme”.  You will find the Links HERE. We also have a Sponsorship package and if people donate £50 or more they will get FREE membership of the Rotherham Rocks Club entitling them to a 33% discount on Live At The Trades ticket prices. 

At this point, once again, I would drop the reminder that Rotherham Art Events is a NOT FOR PROFIT Community organisation.   All the funding, Sponsorship, ticket revenue etc .  is put towards organising the RAE Festivals, and promoting Rotherham musicians.   Why do I slip this into the narrative, answer, because there are those out there who still think that Mick and I are lining our own pockets, indeed they consider it something to hit us with, and of course it’s all done by the behind the hand, these brave people are more than welcome to share in the thousands that Mick and I have personally put into RAE with no return and indeed the thousands in waived fees by Bands and performers, that allowed last year’s Festivals to go ahead and prove things for 2013 and beyond.   Year One Accounts will soon be posted on the Web Site. Still not sure what we do?  GO HERE

1    1It will provide an Organisational and Administrative base for RAE Festivals and projects.
2    2..A ticket Office for Live At The Trades and other RAE promotions
3       3. Act as a ticket Office for other Rotherham Arts promotions should the Organisations    and Bands wish to use it.
4    4. Promote Live at The Trades and other Gigs within Rotherham Borough.  Posters etc.
5       5. Will sell CDs on behalf of Rotherham Bands.
6       6. Provide a professional Meeting Room for RAE and other Arts Groups and Musicians.  An alternative to the public pubs and coffee shops.
7       7. An open door for musicians and artists to drop in for a coffee and chat and network with others.
8      8. Provide a base for RAE projects.  (We have a number under consideration including a Workshops and Volunteer Training)

Not an exhausted list of activities but enough to be getting on with.  MOST OF THE SERVICES WILL BE FREE.  Commercial activity in the form of CD sales and Art Sales may attract a very small charge. 

The date of the cleaning operation will be published on Facebook and I suspect in the News Letters and a Special Blog.  It should only take a couple of hours or so given it’s not the biggest building in the World, and has only four rooms.  So the more folks in with dusters etc  the better. 
You can find more sketched details HERE which will also be the page where activities at the Drop In  will be posted.  Worth Bookmarking.

Been a busy week beyond this News, with various meetings and Hospital appointments attended and some fun on Thursday night (not that sort unfortunately) when another old romantic Mark Hearne dragged me over to The Yellow Lion for a sing.  Being an old softie I dug out three love songs for the night, Shirley, Fat People in Love (even though the Road Crew were not there) and perhaps more tasteful, The Leaving of London.   Watch out, Mark and the Masher might get your session next week. 
I did get to take a look at the informative and interesting Exhibition currently on view at the Old Market Gallery, the Rotherham Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans history month.  There is some great “protest art” and loads of information.  If you’ve not already taken a look worth a few minutes of your time.

The question of the week?   Can we go seven days without a dose of snow?  

And so to half term week, and a very busy one it is too. 

Starting Monday the Pop Up Story Shop will be in full action with various sessions to suit families and people of all ages.  You’ll find the Shop almost opposite to what was The Turf on Corporation Street, so why not pop in and share in the activities.  They are also looking for volunteers so if you have a few hours to spare why not call in for a chat.  Activities run the full week. 

Indeed there is a lot of “spoken word” activity in the coming week including  ROMP at SNAFU on Wednesday when Gav and those in the know are hoping to put together a Committee to help steer the activities of the Group and I’ve listed all what I can on the listings page HERE

Ian McMillan is appearing at the Riverside Library on Wednesday night as well, bound to be one or two conflicts of interest there.

And of course Chris Bilton edits a very popular page in the Acoustic Rotherham Web Site entitled “The Word Pit” HERE.  There are two read so far.

I’d just draw your attention to a Meeting in Sheffield on Tuesday, to protest against and discuss the City Council’s planed Library closures.

All the details on the listings page HERE

Speaking of Volunteers, RAE need volunteers for all our activities during 2013.  You can find our policy and offer HERE   We cannot stress just how important this is to the success of 2013 projects. 

Musically we have another full week of regular sessions and events and it being the third week it’s as busy as busy can be. 

However, the whole week goes nuclear at its end, and it really does make one wonder at the thought that sometimes goes into the planning of events by various Groups.  One venue has two events running at the same time which should provide an interesting mix of sound as the Underground Heavy Metal Showcase upstairs at The Bridge, clashed very nicely with Papa Legba’s who will be wriggling their bums downstairs.   I hope that some discussion has gone on about the timings. 

It’s a good one at SNAFU that night as well with Rumble Strip doing their stuff.

The spoken Word are at it too.   The Banner Theatre will be appearing at The Trades on Saturday night.  This a World Class Theatre Company from the Midlands renowned for their challenge to Capitalism.  The satire is brilliantly funny and very cutting.   In support will be Band from Barnsley making their debut in Rotherham, The Hurriers, who will be rocking it out with songs of protest.  The event is FREE although donation buckets for Rotherham Against the Cuts and Save our NHS and other causes will I suspect be shaken in front of our noses.

Up the road at the Old Market Gallery on Corporation Street, Stan Skinney’s Word Smack Cabaret, with John Hegley, and the Hot Beanz Team all hitting the stage.  £5 entry. 

Over in Doncaster at The Ukrainian Centre, a Doncaster Folk Festival Fund raiser, with Something Nasty in the Woodshed topping the Bill.

And a heads up for Friday when my Garforth and Myers are appearing at The Mason’s Arms in Doncaster.  That one will be a top night.   SNAFU has The Killer Watts. 

Big outlet of breath…………..   pheeeeeeeeeeew.

And all this is the prelude to RAE’s  Mega Music Riot Weekend, on 1st / 2nd March with PSYCHEDELIC WARLORDS on the Friday night and the big revenge of the Indie Bands with Cambodia and five other  bands + on Saturday night.  Tickets for both events are going fast, Mesmerize, The Trades and Wegottickets on line for yours.   Booking Office HERE  along with the full line up for the nights.

And that’s it for this week’s News Blog.

Keep watching out for new Live At The Trades Events; Drop In Centre News and more on the RAE Web Site HERE

Whatever you are doing this week, have fantastic fun, support your local Artists  and KEEP IT REAL AND LIVE

Monday, 11 February 2013

Closures/Day Changes/New Venues + Plenty of News

Such really sad news to hear that the current “Fishermen’s Friends” Tour has been blighted by the dreadful death of their Tour Manager Paul McMullen and the serious injury to one of the ensemble members, Trevor Gill when a heavy metal door fell on them at the G Live venue in Guildford.   I’m sure the thoughts of the folk Community are with the families and all those associated with the Shanty singers. 

News of New Year session openings, closings, new venues and day changes.  Confused?  I was.

The return of an old friend gathering of musicians, “Hangman’s Corner”.  This is to be a regular Monthly event on the second Friday, at The Bridge.   Yes, you’ve missed the first one, although I did try to get news out in the catch up Emailing last week.  It’s a set programme of local artists doing their thing, and I guess (says he) that performance is by invitation.  In other words it’s NOT an Open Mic.  

My spies tell me that the first one The Bridge was packed out, mainly I’m told for the free Pork pie on offer, and to listen to a wild Tim Cleverley on guitar and beer glass.  But it’s great to be able to report yet another musical session success in 2013. 

In fact it’s currently all looking good.  The Thursday Bridge Session is currently doing brilliantly, with players and an audience coming in from all over the Borough, and the monthly session at The Butchers Arms, Braithwell had a near sell out attendance.

The Black Lion, Firbeck session is sadly no more.  Apparently the Land Lord was not making enough on the beer to cover the cost of the very nice chips he used to serve up.  This is a complaint I have heard many times recently, folkies are simply not drinking enough!    Could this be because we no longer appreciate good ale? Is it a comment on the price of a pint? Or is it simply we are financially wiped out by the Government?  Personally I think it’s because we’re having to travel by car to venues and thus, drinking is a no, no.   Good news for Black Lion supporters, Keith has found a new home for you at The Hadfield Arms at Laughton but be warned it’s now the 4th THURSDAY of the Month.

Paul Davenport’s Maltby Sword Dancers are currently looking for a new home for their practice as the White Swan has been closed and is up for sale.   I’m sure Paul is looking but I suspect he would appreciate a heads up to any available space in the Maltby area.  

Finally a change of day to report.   “Dermot’s – Ferry Folk”  a session hidden away in the wilds of outer Doncaster,  THE CROOKED BILLET, SOUTH STREET, OWSTON FERRY DN9 1RT now meets on the third Thursday of the Month. 

Those of a certain age will like this very strong rumour…………..   the word is on the Street that Rotherham’s Club area will soon have a Bar catering to mainly Northern Soul and other seventies / eighties music.    Stay tuned for details.

I think I’ve updated our listings page accordingly and of course thanks to Masher John for reporting his findings. 

Big news out of RAE / Acoustic Rotherham section is that our quarterly Acoustic Rotherham Showcase Events are to be re-launched.   We’re up to number 17 now (some of you may have seen number 18 banded about, it was a lie) and for the first time will be moving out of spiritual home of Rawmarsh to take this unique music experience into Rotherham……….    Hohoho.   So come on down to The Bridge on the 7th April.   I’m currently drawing up my list of folks who want to play so just to make sure that I’ve not forgotten you please drop me an Email HERE to give me a kick.  I’m told that Tony has heard rumours of the marathon nature of the event and has promised one of The Bridge’s super Buffets – worth putting in your Diary for that alone.    

Don't know about Acoustic Rotherham Showcase Events?  Where have you been?  find out more HERE

It’s great to report that the second Live At The Trades, featuring local band Tram 13 was another rip roaring, rocking success.   I was particularly interested in the two young acoustic indie solo acts who warmed the audience up, Del Scott Miller and Brandon Gray – names to watch out for in the future. 

Showing fantastic energy Tram 13 performed around two hours’ worth of  high tempo rock, with just a ten minute break to consume drummer Richard’s birthday cake, (he was 49) a true survivor having lived through years with Phil Murray and The Boys From Bury.  Another example of a local band providing excellent live and real music entertainment.   There were some fantastic comments from those who came along and help generate a great atmosphere again.

Live At The Trades moves on.  Our next promotion is the Manic, Mega, Music Riot Weekend, with The Psychedelic Warlords playing a special Concert on FRIDAY 1st March and an amazing six Band Indie Rock Night on SATURDAY 2nd March.     

 Fingers crossed, but I hope to be able to announce some really exciting news, well exciting for us, by the end of the week.  Just waiting for Official notification, before broadcasting to the World. 

Fantastic news for the real Folkies, or those who simply want to find out more about Folk Music.  Topic Records, who have been involved in the recording of working class grass roots music since their traced origins with The Workers Music Association since 1939, have released a catalogue of eighty digitalised albums, many of which have been unavailable for some time.  You can find it HERE.   For those interested this is a chance to discover the fantastic depth of folk in the UK and Ireland, and to catch up on some of the early recordings.  Well worth some your time.

While in Folk mode, it seems that Mike Harding has had to fork out £3K of his own money to buy all the Licenses that he has needed to launch his online Radio Programme.  It goes out fresh on a Sunday tea time, but is then looped like a podcast for the rest of the week.  Anyone wishing to donate a small sum to keep the show going can find a link HERE.

Funding for anything is not going to get any easier during 2013 and that applies to the Arts as much as to all public services.   The days of rich pickings have gone, as are the days of lazy project Management. 

Personally in some respects I don’t think this is a bad thing.   While it would be nice to have the Arts Council running around Rotherham and throwing money at us, I feel that the policies of the past have led to lazy Management, planning and thinking.   Arts Council Grants have been so taken for granted in the past that very little effort had been put into developing links with the business Community etc., with a view to developing projects and work that Commerce may be prepared to Sponsor.

Hey and don’t get wrong.  I have many issues with how Arts Council funds are used nationally, but that’s another essay.

In Rotherham we have several Independent Art organisations all of which will be seeking to dip into a dwindling pot, a pot I’m sad to say that might have run dry for some activities, Festival Performance being one of them.  

There is also a danger that once everyone has got their act together that local business will simply get completely fed up with organisations knocking on their door and asking for money.  Which is why I believe that groups like The Rotherham Culture Group and Rotherham Art Events and others should be joining forces in a co-ordinated fund raising attach.  

It won’t happen.  Why not?  Because there are few that truly recognise just how difficult it will be from here on in to raise Funds from public sources.   The politics will get in the way.   

That’s why RAE are not messing about.  We know that we have to come up with a Business Plan that does not assume grants or Management Fees, even of the pathetic levels of 2012, so we have appointed Beverley Casson who will be working in a Volunteer role to sale Sponsorship and Advertising.  It will clearly take Beverly a few weeks to get read in and set up, but she will become the new first point of call for Commercial Fund Raising for our Festivals and activities.

The Rotherham Culture Group will be looking to provide support to the Hindu Holy Festival; Black Culture Month and of course provide the music / performance stage at the Rotherham Show, better known as The Diversity Festival.   Donations can be sent HERE 

For what RAE are up to you’ll have to head HERE Where you will find Donate buttons he laughs.

Just heard that those well-known folkies Munford and Son have just won a Grammy. Congratulations.  

A fairly quiet week ahead, although as soon as someone reads that the Inbox will be full of important happening things.  

Just draw your attention again to the Rotherham’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans history month Exhibition currently on view at The Old Market Gallery, continues Tuesday to Saturday.  I’ve not seen it myself yet, but hope to pop in on Thursday. 

On Wednesday you’ll find that rumours that my old mate Phillip Hartley would be giving up singing for Lent are completely untrue, when he hosts The Crown Session.  That’s The Crown Albert Road in Heely, Sheffield. 

All the standard Sessions and Clubs will be meeting as usual.  

If this week is quiet the next week positively jumps with activity as previously reported.   On Friday 22nd Dave Berry will doing his stuff at The Rock, Maltby.  Always a good value evening of music.  For those with pockets that are not quite so deep there’s Makeshiftz and Friends at The Chequers in Whiston.    

Then on Saturday it’s a rush around Town.  From 4:00pm in The Bridge upstairs room there’s a Festival of Underground Heavy Metal Music, entry £4.  (For those not in the know, this is the Metal genre that seems very melodic in places but then goes into screaming breaks – sorry guys – just old man comment – I really must discover more about it).  At The Old Market Gallery, Stan Skinny and company will be performing their “Wordsmack Caberet” entry £5.   

At The Trades Venue Rotherham Trades Council are providing the finance to promote The Banner Theatre.  Promote might be too grandeur word.  I have tried to help things along by making sure the support Band The Hurriers from Barnsley had a PA, and by putting up an Event on Facebook, running a Poster ad on our listing page.  The result yet more pathetic Monty Python Life of Brian like comments about who is behind the event is the RAGC or the RAC, or RSNHSC  WHO CARES!!WE HAVE A WORLD CLASS THEATRE COMPANY COMING AND NO ONE KNOWS.   There’s not even a Poster in the Venue!!!    So I’ve told people and who knows someone somewhere might sort something out before they completely waste a whole bundle of money.  

And in Doncaster they have a really interesting line up for one of their splendid Folk Festival Fund Raising Concerts. 

All the details can be found of course on the Listings Page HERE

Tickets for the Wath Folk Festival and the line-up are now available HERE

Live at The Trades updates appear HERE

Rotherham Art Events News and updates HERE

I think we’ve bored you enough for another week, so we’ll leave it there.

So whatever you are doing this coming week, have great fun, support your local artists and KEEP IT LIVE.