Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Short but sweet. + MBMT News

After last weeks marathon it's a short News Blog this week.

I'm sorry to say that I can't say that I'm currently at my best. Acoustic Rotherham 9 and the time adjustment taking it's toll on the body.

I can remember when the extra hour of turning the clock back meant just that, an extra hour in bed. Unfortunately for this old bugger it means I'm getting up an hour earlier, so no gain for me folks. For some the events of last weekend just passed them by completely unnoticed, hence the call I got Monday morning from a pupil wondering why I had not arrived for their driving lesson – their was a rather embarrassed silence when I pointed out the correct time.

So musically a non week for The Mashers.

Fall out from Acoustic Rotherham 9. Some folks like to leave the odd present for me – this time I have a rather posh looking cable which I think belongs to Folk On Fire if they would like to check and no less than two guitar stands, the telescopic type. If the owners would like to contact me we'll try to return said bits to the rightful owners. acousticrotherham@jmucreate.com

I like to see how long it takes for acts to realise that they have bits of kit missing, on this occasion records have been broken.

The list for Acoustic Rotherham 10 grows, and by the end of the week the Web Site page will have been updated.

Plenty of great Gigs and sessions coming up this week so check out the November Diary page for all the details.

The Myke Barritt Music Trust Fund Raiser still needs your help find all the details HERE

Onto the review of the week. Well as promised, I headed out on Saturday night to check out View From S62 at The Queens in Rawmarsh.

For those not familiar with Post Codes, S62 covers most of Rawmarsh, so you now know where the main guys in the band hail from.

You might recall that I was a little critical of the band when it made an appearance at my Club a few weeks ago, but that was a Club environment, at The Queens they were on home ground and boy did it show. In the raucous pub atmosphere VF62 came to life cheered on by their supporters who joined in on virtually every number.

For a local Band they can pack a pub out............. indeed it took me ten minutes to get from door to bar and another ten to get served and then had to stand out of view of the band for most of the set I saw.

These guys clearly love nothing better than playing LIVE MUSIC to an intimate audience and the close proximity in the Queens meant that they could perform at their best, and once again with various guest musicians which in this environment added to the energy of a great night out.

Well done lads. Sorry I couldn't hang around to talk to you but we'll touch base soon I hope.

Head off HERE to find out more about band.

So that's just about it for this week.

Keep a check on the status bars for any activity from The Mashers this week - just in case the body and brain set me free.

Next week we'll be more together and I've got some new Web Sites you may like to visit and ideas for acts wanting to broadcast their music to new audiences. In the meantime keep checking out the Acoustic Rotherham News Page as updates etc. get added daily.

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