Sunday, 28 November 2010

It's Getting towards Christmas. + More Technology

I'm afraid it's been another very quiet week for The Mashers. Quiet, in so far as outings have been none existent.

Before going into the reasons, first an important note. I GOT IT WRONG!!! The November Diary got it right – despite what I said in the last up date Email there is NO NELLIES TOMORROW NIGHT – MONDAY. It was in fact last Monday. So please don't venture out to The Bridge on the 29th.

However, Monday 6th will see a Folk Day at The Bridge, yes that's a Monday, and it's one for the traditionalist. I'm told it's part of an exchange session with some singers from Lancashire. Sounds as if it might be quite interesting.

It's a busy week so head off to the December Diary Page for details.

The new Mashing Machine is now at very nearly full speed. I have to say I'm really enjoying the speed of the machine and it's general look and feel. Even Acoustic Rotherham pages load quite fast.

But no sooner had my personal technical problems sorted themselves when Myspace did for me. Suddenly and without any warning the RSS feed that allowed the News Blog to be placed at various places on the Web and helped readers access the Blog disappeared.

This is, I am afraid, typical of Myspace recently. For much of this year they have been updating everything and as a result the Myspace site has become virtually useless, with so many features being dropped or simply not working. They have sorted the loading speed, sort of, but we are only just discovering the cost.

It would help if they actually informed folks of the changes they were making and when. So much of the Myspace reconstruction has been done without telling anyone with the result that their users have become more and more frustrated.

If you are a musician the only place to be at the moment is Reverbnation, who provide a simple link into a Band Page on Facebook essentially two key places for the work of one.

I've got around the Blog issue by placing our News Blog on Blogspot which I've been able to RSS out to all the key places with the exception of the Ning sites, if anyone is still using Ning that is. I've noticed that Folk Show site has fallen into disuse since Ning started charging for their instant Web Site service.

So you can now link into the Blog via Blogspot, The Mashers site, Acoustic Rotherham, Reverbnation and the News letters of course. It will also be placed on Myspace.

Well, we're into December this week. The rush of Christmas themed songs has already started, prompted one suspects by the rather harsh cold weather that has hit us this week. I'm sure that I do this every year, but for anyone looking for alternative Christmas Songs with side wipe head off to the Bob Rivers site HERE. I'm sure you'll find something to tickle your fancy, and if that's not enough why not try Martin Nesbitt's offering HERE. And for the blood thirsty try this HERE

I've been quite busy of late, but I really hope to get around to places before Christmas – I'm becoming quite boring and perhaps it's time to get out there again. Unfortunately the health issues persist, which is rather undermining all my good intentions, but we'll fight on.

So – head off to the December Diary page for all that is going on, top rated this week, The Play On Club back at the Fat Cat on Friday night, that's if you can resist Wizz Jones, tickets £7 and £5 from Pete GO HERE and before that at the Princess Royal there's the fantastic Toein' In The Dark on Thursday night the 2nd.

Don't forget if your Club has a Festive event or something new going off like The Barnsley Folk Club's Beginners Sessions starting on December 6th then get in touch and we'll get the News out there.

Finally – if you're buying Christmas presents from Amazon, please, use the Acoustic Rotherham link through to the site. By buying through our links it helps to keep the site going. Even if we don't have what you are looking for in our Shop HERE by clicking through the “search” to the main site it still registers as a sale from Acoustic Rotherham.

And don't forget there's some great music to give this Christmas on the Acoustic Rotherham CD Shop page – all direct from the artist check out what's on offer HERE.

And with that it's off to the day job.

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