Sunday, 3 October 2010

Inactive But Busy: News about Web - Myke Barritt Music Trust - Gigs - CDs and more

Big fanfare.  Yes.  The Masher actually got out for a sing this week.  

On Monday I dragged the guitar and myself out into the car and made my way down to The Bridge in Rotherham for Nellie Folk.

It was nice to be out, if a little strange to again be on my own.

I’m glad I made the effort though as attendance was not at it’s best, although it was good to see Oliver and Jimmy Saville calling in on one of their occasional visits. 

Reports from other Folk Clubs and Open Mic Sessions suggest that attendances are down to the “hard-core” of trusty folk.  Even some of the big Concert Clubs are struggling a bit at the moment.  And with the economy as it is I don’t think things are about to get much better.  

It’s a case for many Clubs of just battening down the hatches and holding firm until the clear blue sky of economic recovery starts to show.

The Masher’s contribution to Nellies was a new song ripped from Phil Hartley and an old one from the depths of the rep. book. 

Some might be questioning the current lack of enthusiasm – to be honest I am to – but this was the time of the year that Myke and I would settle down to discuss new material, go out and Test it, and start to make plans for the coming year.  

Without a clear picture of how I’m going to move forward it’s all just a little aimless at the moment.
However, Phil and I are still planning to get a bit of recording done during October so watch out for some of the more recent favourites appearing on the player soon. 
Speaking of the player, I came across some of the very early Masher material the other day, including a recording of Shirley that I made with Keith Masher (Nicklin).  It didn’t sound too bad, so I’ve stuck it up on the player to share.  For those with a short memory this song was one of our core pieces, and involved a full set up of props – you’ll have to listen to the song to imagine what those props might be.   You can find the player HERE

But I have been busy on the Web Site.   More pages are getting the new look and the site is beginning to get more organised.  I’ve decided that the Diary pages will form the main core of the Club / Open Mic section – You’ll discover that from October the pages look a lot tidier and I’ve added extra’s like the Birdsedge Autumn Concerts organised by Jayce.  I’ve also added links to a Clubs Web Page where they exist.   I’ll try to add picture as time goes on.   Check it out HERE

The Myke Barritt Trust section has undergone a bit of a revamp to.  I’ve put the Down Load CDs from Toein’ In The Dark and Rhiannon on their own page HERE which will also feature the T shirts as they become available.   A news page has been set up where you’ll find Trust Minutes posted and a new feature Phoebe’s View From The Chair Blog.  You can find it HERE

I’ve tried to make the navigation around the Trust pages easier by adding buttons to the Trust pages on the left hand side.  

The CD Shop has slightly changed to.   I’ve put the FREE Demo tracks onto a separate page HERE leaving the full CD listings on their own HERE

There’s still a lot more tidying up to do but we’re beginning to see the end now – and I think it’s beginning to look a lot better and reports suggest that by taking out the Flash page headings loading a page is much quicker.  Unfortunately there are still the occasional delays connecting to third party sites but there is nothing much I can do about that without loading the site up with it’s own player, and there is no guarantee that would make things any quicker.

Evidence that someone reads my weekly tirade of words when I was contacted by View From S62 about my short review last week.  It seems I may have been unfair by comparing them to the wannabe cover Bands that are normally found in Club Land.  So I shall be taking a second look when they play at The Queens on the 6th November.  That’s if I can get through the door as their fan base is fantastic.  I wonder if I should go in disguise? 
I published their reply to me as a “comment” on last week’s Blog.

“Welsh” Geoff Beynon has launched a Web Site to distribute his latest CD “Rock and Frigidaire” packed with his fantastic songs.  I you’ve not checked it out yet pop across to the News Page and follow the link through to his site. HERE

Also on the news page you’ll find a couple of acts currently seeking Gigs.  Both will be appearing at Acoustic Rotherham 10 in January.

There’s some fairly big names hitting the local Gig scene Roy Bailey will be at Kiverton Park on the 26th October and our own Richard Kitson will be supporting Peggy Seeger at the Boardwalk on 21st October.  Full details on the Diary page HERE

And don’t forget the great guests that will be appearing at the Princess Royal over the coming month you can check those out HERE

And finally.  So did we get the right Miliband?  It would have been a lot more interesting if it had been his Dad ho ho, but then snow would have buried Hell before that would have happened.  

Listening to his speech on Tuesday to the Labour Party Conference Ed certainly pressed all the right buttons for me, right down to his recognition of the Pub and it’s place in the Community.  Trouble is that by the time he has a chance to start upon making changes to our Society yet more damage will have been done by the Condems beyond even what the Banks managed to achieve. 

This week we’ll see just how Cameron gets on with his lot.  Will they be celebrating? Or will they give him the hard time he really deserves for failing to achieve a majority in a year when Labour could not have been weaker?  OR will history be re-written to suggest that the hung Parliament was all part of a subtle and deliberate plan to change the face of British Politics? 
Time will tell on all scores. 

And that’s it for this week folks – watch out in the week for more details of Acoustic Rotherham 9 artists appearing on the Web Site and tracks adding to the Players……………….    Stay tuned.

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