Monday, 18 October 2010

Pilage, Rape, Thieves - and that's only the Chancellors Financial Review + Loads about Music

So into a new week.  It’s going to be a busy one.  

Monday will find The Mashers attempting to record some material at the Bridge on Monday night.  We like to get the atmosphere of the singalong big room into our recordings, so it’ll be interesting to see, or rather listen to the results, that’s if we can get the technology right. 

This has meant that much of the past week has been spent practicing the songs for the session.  So sorry to anyone expecting to see us at a session this past week. 

Good News on the Web Site, the files have been cleaned out and I think I’ve managed to complete the facelift.  The moans about the slow loading pages have reduced, a bit.   I think the main problem seems to be that the site requires connecting to Revebnation so that the players are available and the music plays.  I’m going to look at ways we might overcome this, without losing the main purpose of the Site which is to showcase the music from artists who appear at Acoustic Rotherham events. 

However, a couple of tips.   1.  Make sure that you clean out your Internet temp files regularly.  2.  Make sure you clean your Internet History files  3. Make sure you have the latest Flash player from the Official Adobe site, don’t use third party inks aas Flash player has been used by the nasty community to put things on your computer. Here’s the Official Link HERE and while you’re at it update your Adobe Reader and Shockwave.  4. Make sure your browser updates and Windows updates are installed.  And finally, 5. make sure that your firewall settings allow access.  

Another factor affecting page loading is the time of the day and the speed of your Broadband connection.   If you have, like me, the bog standard BT / Talk Talk type connection then the time of day you go on line will affect how quickly the pages will load.  We’ve noticed that around 4:00pm to 7:00pm the connections can really slow down.   If you have the Virgin and BT superfast connections then really you shouldn’t experience too many problems. 

However, our pages are quite heavy on content, picture slide shows, and other content which can slow down loading so while it might just take a bit of time, we hope it’s well worth the few seconds extra wait.
It was a good feeling to get that job out of the way though.
Acoustic Rotherham 9 is less than two weeks away.  A fantastic line up again, with an amazing range of the acoustic genre on display.  And these guys are doing it for FREE.   So come along to The Queens and give your support to the acts.  Full details of the 31st October line up can be found HERE
On stage times will be available towards the end of this week. 

AND PLEASE HELP TO PUBLISISE THE EVENT.  Fliers are available to print off from the Acoustic Rotherham 9 page, and if you’re on Facebook, Myspace etc, then please share the link at least once a day.   Your help will be appreciated.

But there’s a lot more going on.   On Saturday 30th October the Mashers in some form or another will be taking part in Sheffield Radio’s, The Cornucupia Radio Show’s ,“Sheffield’s Biggest Open Mic”  which is going off in The Winter Gardens.  We’re on around 1:10pm – the good news is that it’s for only eight minutes and I think it’s going to Mrs Thatcher and My Old Guitar.  So be there to give us or just me, a cheer.
You’ll also spot a few other good friends of Acoustic Rotherham on the Bill. More detail HERE

In this coming week don’t forget that Peggy Seeger is appearing at the Boardwalk, with our own Richard Kitson playing songs from his new CD in support. -  It’s Thursday night 21st October  £12.50 on the door or in advance. 

Next weekend  see’s The Musicport Festival at Bridlington a link to the full details can be found on The October Diary page along with details of Butlins Big Folk Weekend which you’ll find on the December Diary Page. 

And a special mention for a special event at the KIRKBY FLEETHAM FOLK CLUB on October 23rd Bill Adair's "Along The Miner's Rows"  7.30pm. £5. (Including  John & Caroline Bushby and Wendy & Paul Arrowsmith as his band!)  Song Cycle & Spoken Word. + Stan Graham as support & M.C..   Link to the ticket information can be found on the Diary page.

In November it’s the Kirkby Fleetham Birthday Bash.  There’s some great concerts and not forgetting the nearly all day open session on the Saturday.  Ticket information and more information is available on the November Diary page. 

Don’t forget, if you’ve got a special event that you would like highlighting to our readers, or the wider Acoustic Rotherham audience then please email It’s still FREE – so make use of it.
You’ll also find all the local Club and Open Mic listings on the Diary page as well.

Some great CD News this week.  Paul Newman has published his new release “Passing Fayre”.  Apparently he’s got a minor delay on the on the hard copies, but you can buy the CD as a Download and listen to the tracks for FREE on his Web Site HERE

Local stars Katriona Gilmore and Jamie Roberts launched their new CD “Up From The Deep” on Friday night, reports say, “to a captivated audience” in Barnsley.   The bits I’ve heard are brilliant and you can buy it from Amazon HERE

I have a feeling that by the time the Chancellor finishes with us on Wednesday that we’ll all need cheering up so I’ve done my best to bring you all the good stuff that I can.  

I think that it’s important to remember as we look forward to what I’m sure will go down as “Black Wednesday” just where the recession started, and just how quickly it destroyed everyone’s economy / budget let alone the Government of the time that did all they could (except allow the Banks to go bust) to protect the public from the full ravages of the sudden shortage in cash. 
We’re going to be fed a load of rubbish in defence of the cuts that the Condems are going to inflict upon us.  We can expect the word “fairness” to be used many, many times.   I promise you there will be little fair about it as the good mates of the Conservative Party will escape free  of facing up to their responsibility, while we will pay the price of their gamble, by having our jobs, standard living and education sacrificed on the altar of the “National Interest”.

And if all that boils the blood a little and moved to want to make your views known then why not check out details of next years Working Class Life and Music Festival.  You can find details of the event and how to get involved on the NEWS PAGE HERE Click on the logo.

And for me it will be a truly “Black Wednesday” as I’ve got one of those diabetic eye checks that will have me off the road for the day!!!  And one suspects away from the computer screen.  

So there you have it folks.   The Mashers week past, present and future……………………..   whatever you’re doing this week have a great time folks.

Oh!! and just a reminder that our mate Chris in the USA is still looking for a sponsor - check out his CV on The News page and contact him direct.  Anything anyone can do will be greatly appreciated.

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