Sunday, 24 October 2010

Acoustic Rotherham 9 + Loads of News including Trust News - A good Read

Yes The Mashers in duo form, Mr Phillip Hartley co-starring, could be heard bashing out their stuff in the upstairs room of The Bridge on Monday night. 

It was an attempt to record material that has sort of log jammed.  Songs that Myke and I had been working on and had begun to introduce into our shows just before Myke’s death, amongst the songs selected were couple we had always meant to record but never got around to as we dropped the songs from the shows and they sort of got buried. 

Unfortunately we managed to cock up on the technology front.   

Dickie’s guitar, by the time that Phill had played back through the recordings sounded more like a heavy double bass than a six string.  A great pity. 

We’ll be trying again, using a different methodology very soon – no you will not escape – but one song did come through, the Eric Bogle Classic, “Somebody’s Moggie”.   A classic of Masher type sensitive humour.   You can find it on the player HERE

The Mashers will be playing at the Big Open Mic at Sheffield’s Winter Gardens next Saturday the 30th October at around 1:00pm which will be broadcast live on Sheffield Live.  So no escape there folks.  The good news is that it’s only two songs.  

But pop along to the event.  Our old friends Tina and Matt will be playing as will David Paskell so come and give us all a cheer or throw things at us. 

We also have a smart NEW poster to boast of, produced by Karen at Photoartstation.   Check out what she could do for you HERE

Sunday 31st and it’s ACOUSTIC ROTHERHAM 9.  You can find all the details about the acts appearing HERE and there is a separate Blog with ON STAGE TIMES HERE

The fun starts at 1:00pm and runs to around 7:00pm so please come along and show your support.  In particular I’d love to see people around the 5:00pm time. 
And yes we still need to get the word out there………………………   if you’re a Facebook Friend then please Share the Event link with all your friends ……………………   if you’re out and about, please download the fliers and pass them around your Folk Clubs, Open Mics etc. It all helps. 

And it helps in other ways to……………… the more hits on the Acoustic Rotherham Website the more your music is exposed – the more your name has a chance to be seen, and if you’ve a CD listed with Amazon or on the Acoustic Rotherham CD Shop then the better chance we all have of selling our music. 
And to help further in this respect, I’ve completely updated the Acoustic Rotherham Amazon Associate Store with the latest CD and or MP3 downloads.  I’ve also made certain that all the most popular pages carry good sized ads directing people to the store.   The direct Store link is HERE

And while in commercial mood – if you’re buying CDs – books – or whatever for Christmas presents please use links through our Amazon links as while enjoying some of the lowest prices around you’ll also be helping to keep Acoustic Rotherham LIVE.   And there is a risk that I will not be able to afford to keep the site going for much longer. 

Besides Acoustic Rotherham artists you’ll also find artists featured on the David Kidman Review page.  On the David Kidman page you’ll find a fistful of new CD reviews including artists on the AR9 Bill so take a look at the new stuff.  Head off  HERE

Acoustic Rotherham and The Mashers are supporters of Folk Against Fascism and to show our support we’ve added a little gadget thing to our Profile picture.   The link to widget is HERE.  If you’re on Facebook we recommend that you do the same Follow the instructions given – some will find that their Facebook will not automatically change and will have to go through the normal profile picture change method.   To put it on your other social network sites save the picture to your hard disc and then update your picture in the normal way.

The Myke Barritt Music Trust Committee met this week and the results of their extensive deliberations can be found in the October View From The Chair HERE  Phoebe is looking for your input and views so take a look and get in touch with her.

There’s plenty going on again this week in the Yorkshire Region.  Check out the Diary page which is always having new events added HERE and of course for you Sheffield based folks Pete at South Yorkshire Folk has some great music at The Princess Royal Check out the full details HERE

The Political Rant
Well, how was Wednesday for you?   What was going through your mind as Chummy Osbourne revealed the final answer to the fallout from the Banking Crisis.  

As he was speaking I was fortunately locked away at the time while a nice young lady took photographs of my eyes, causing me to become bleary eyed without the alcohol.   But that did not, unfortunately, affect my hearing so once released into the World I could not escape the Analysis, comment, and all the “what it means to you” stuff churned out by the mass of experts all earning an extra bob or two to tell you what you already know, we’re all going to be worse off. 

I’d love to meet all these average folks upon which all these figures are based.  What a load of rubbish.  The truth of the matter is that because most of the measures don’t take effect until next year and many not until 2013 we really do not have a clue how people will be affected.  The only thing Osbourne has done is to cause great uncertainty and a lot of worry, especially amongst the poorest in our Country.
I can remember the dark days of “devaluation” under the Wilson Government, we all knew about that, who can remember the 33% Income Tax Rate? Or rather, who can forget it.  We all knew where we stood and very quickly on that one.    In those days the “Chancers” of World Banking were very quick to apply the screws, especially you dared to draw upon emergency funding. 

Oh for the days I could understand…………………………   

Now things will happen almost sightless.  Individuals will be hurt, job loss, benefit reductions, loss of services from the local authority, even removal from benefits.  The roads will subtly deteriorate, our Schools slowly fall apart, text books not updated, class sizes grow.  But it will all happen to different groups of people at different times.   

Result – no huge mass outcry.   In fact what will happen is that sections of Society will turn upon each other and a consensus will eventually boil down to bashing the weakest, as happens too often.
And why does this happen?  It’s because we who sit on the Left simply cannot get our act together.  We are so tied up in protecting our own little philosophical view we cannot break out and positively educate and lead people through the mess of their everyday lives. 

While I hold some hope for the Labour Party under it’s new and refreshing Leader I fear that we will be offered no real change in economic policy unless we make it clear that what we want is nothing short of a “revolution” in the way in which we go about things in our Society.  If we do not get that message through to the Labour Party Leadership then if they get elected we’re in for nothing more than more wasted Blair type years. 

So as you services are chipped away at, if your job comes under risk, if your benefits are hit, besides trying to sort things out yourself, please join with the millions of others who will be experiencing the same.  Make your voices heard – don’t suffer in silence and hope it will all be alright in the end, because it won’t.

I was sent this little thought provoking ditty by Phil Graham this week, so to conclude I think I will share it with you.
“The law locks up the hapless felon
Who steals the goose from off the common;
But lets the greater felon loose
Who steals the common from the goose!”
 He concludes   “This lot are going to be worse than anything Thatcher ever did to people in this country.”

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