Sunday, 26 September 2010

A Quick Update of Music Things Rotherham way

OK, let’s start with the important Parish Notices. 
Acoustic Rotherham 9, October 31st will be upon us before we know it – so Acts listed, and the list of confirmed requests can be found HERE please get your short Biog / Picture and track to me via as soon as you possibly can.  It will be appreciated.
First Friday Folk at the Princess Royal launches this coming Friday 1st October, with Special Guests Outre Manche.  Pete tells me there are still tickets available, £3 in advance, £4 on the door.  Full details HERE
There are of course other Gigs, Folk Clubs, Sessions etc. going on and you’ll find the interesting stuff HERE
After the great success of this year’s Love Music Hate Racism Carnival in Barnsley, it’s been decided to go for it again in 2011.  A planning meeting has been arranged for 4th October.  Go check the October Diary page HERE for full details.

The work on the Web Site has been continuing.  It’s starting to look a bit tidier but there’s still a bit of a way to go yet, please stay patient.

The Mashers little break from the round of music Clubs in the area continues.   I’ve started to look at some new songs but I have to be honest, I’ve not picked my guitar up in any real anger for ten days.
 I’m sure I’ll make my way to Nellies on Monday and start to push out once again soon. 

On advise received from many I was in my local WMC early on Saturday night to see what has become a band with huge local fan base, ViewFrom S62, the name coming from their Rawmarsh roots.
A five piece cover band.
Our Club was packed to the rafters; shoulder room only was available by the time the Band struck up. 
I have to say, I came away just a little disappointed.  That might seem churlish as the audience bounced and danced away to numbers originally from The Beatles, The Kaiser Chief’s and many bands in between.
Five lads having a great time musically, though by the end of the evening they had added an extra bass player and a tambourine basher to their number, is the best description I can give. 
The potential of the Band cannot be questioned, but they are in a very competitive market and there are currently many a lot better.  
But they are certainly hits in Rawmarsh – as the huge audience testified, few Bands can claim to be such a local draw.
And that was the juxta position of the night, while the Band to me were bland and lacking in punch, there can be no doubt the audience enjoyed every moment. As apparently did The Band - perhaps they have a Masher attitude to their music in which case we raise our caps, but as a main stream cover Band working the Clubs perhpas one has to offer something more.
And I’m not being snobby in my criticism, the performance lacked character and punch, and some well-known songs were rendered unrecognisable as the vocals struggled to find the melody line.  (Something that The Mashers know all about).    This may have something to do with having to put together two sets of 45 minutes + call backs, and just maybe the Band were being stretched that inch too far.  Something we all know about. 
Before making any final decisions about the Band I think I want to see them outside of their Rawmarsh comfort zone.  If they are appearing in your part of Rotherham why not pop in and check them out for yourself, if their Supporters Club travels then you will most certainly be in for an entertaining evening.

The Governments spending Revue is under full sail with all sections of Public Spending coming under scrutiny, with the promise of severe cuts to come.
With even the front line services offered by the NHS and Education coming under threat, despite Election promises the arts will no doubt become a key target of the Government.    Please take a look at the cartoon presentation and sign the petition at the links you’ll find on the News Page HERE
You’ll also find a link to the special Hope Not Hate day on 16th October, when they’re linking up with The Kick It Out Campaign.  If you can provide help at your Football Club then please contact them.

Well, The Mashers continue at No1 on the Revebnation Charts for South Yorkshire.  Always good for the ego.  If nothing else it shows we have a following, or someone is leaving their player running. 
Phil is not 100% at the moment – I think he feels very much like me – so the recording has just been shifted back a little bit – but we hope to have news very soon for you on that score.
But while The Mashers have risen Acoustic Rotherham have slipped dramatically down the Charts to below No 10, it’s lowest ever.  But people still seem to be playing the songs regularly, so we’re not sure why things have slid so far. 
Of Acoustic Rotherham plays, there’s been over 15,000 plays of Acoustic Rotherham Artist tracks.  For those interested in such things Folk on Fire currently top the plays with Lou Marriot, Florin, Owd Chyvers, Phil Graham, Barry Smith, Marzipan Moon, Rachael Barley, Barbara Helen and our Teddy making up the top 10.   There’s only one or two plays in it though so perhaps a chart like that is a little unfair.  But it shows that people are listening to your music and hopefully looking for more.

And that’s it for this week folks.  There’s plenty going on behind the scenes. 

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