Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Acoustuc Rotherham and Rawmarsh Masher Musings

A real success.  A full week of not going out has been completed, and I’m pleased to report to all who have sent messages, that I’m feeling a lot better. 

Somehow I lost two stone in a couple of weeks, but the scales now start to show that the weight is now going back on and I’m feeling much better within myself.

Thanks for all the remedies -  I’m not sure which one worked, but at least one must have proven to be a great success.

I often ponder upon the weather reflecting the mood of the Nation and this week sort of proved the point, especially for those supporting our boys out in South Africa. 

The 1-1 draw with those Mammoths of the World of Football the USA brought a rather wet long weekend, and the clouds remained with us until Thursday morning when hope once again reigned supreme, as the build up for the big game against the Mountain that is Algeria mounted, turning to cloud and rain as the match grew closer, and thoughts that just perhaps we simply are not good enough crept in.  Our worst fears realised and after the 0-0 draw, Saturday was predictably very cloudy and wet in places. 

But I see no reduction in the number of St George’s flags being flown from cars or houses, and very pretty they look to.  I hope that by Wednesday Tea Time they have not become rags for washing the car.

Personally I put it all down to the TV Channel covering the games.   England never does well when covered by ITV – and I have to admit that Tilsley chap commentating on ITV just drives me up the wall with his benign observations, and on Thursday he was trying just a little too hard to find positive reasons for England’s non-performance.    So here’s a tip.  Turn the TV down and turn on Radio 5 – you can be sure that Alan Green will tell it as it is.  Green’s commentary on Friday would have caused rioting in the streets if more had listened to it.

Good news,  England are on the BBC on Wednesday – that’s the only positive that I can offer you folks.  And if we lose or draw and have to catch an early plane home at least we’re going to be saved a further week or so of torture. 

Personally I’d let the WAGS loose on them – a good “hand-bagging” would solve a few problems. ....
But is it any accident that Mr Cameron decided this week to inform us that he was expecting a back lash from the public against the cuts his Coalition Government was making to reduce the deficit.  

I notice on Facebook that many folks are already blaming the Tories for England’s failures at the World Cup – good for them – they are clearly keen observers of both Football and Politics and it’s clear that the players have been affected by the knowledge that their meagre earnings will taxed at a much higher rate.  I really don’t know how they will survive on a mere £50K net per WEEK.   I think we should have a day of action for them.   

But for all you patriots who refuse to accept the obvious, I refer you to this year’s World Cup Song of the year from The Misk Hills Mountain Rambler.    I’ve linked it up on our News page for you HERE

But there’s a serious side to Mr Cameron.  There is you know!  And this week we saw that side of this Government.  I was left speechless by the announcement that the “Loan” the Government was to make to Forge Masters in Sheffield to help them develop a manufacturing line for components used in new Nuclear Energy Plants was taken away as part of the cuts.  ....
Mr Clegg, who has, I would remind you, a Sheffield Constituency, told the World that this loan was just a mirage, a feature of Lord Mandleson’s fertile imagination, and part of Labour’s, invest in Marginal Constituency’s, burnt field policy.  When asked who will now make the components, Mr Clegg told us he supposed they would have to come from Korea.  So no UK jobs, no investment in manufacturing in the UK.   Well done the Lib. Dems. ....
And my friends in the North East will not get their new Hospital either.  ....
Anyone notice a trend here?   ....
Was it any accident that this was all announced in the build up to Friday’s match – of course not!....
But one note of sunshine from all of this.  Our glorious Rugby Union boys have turned the Aussies over on their own patch!!   On the evidence of this one point victory it’s clear we’re going to win the World Cup and the Cricket Ashes this Winter.  So that’s all OK and positive.
.. ..
So more locally.  

Phillip Hartley, upon whom Acoustic Rotherham has been keeping a sly eye on since we first heard his super songs, has released a CD of his best bits.  Yes they can go on a CD, so his Partner says.  ....
This is the BEST of Phill’s early work, his mid-period and his current phase, and is well worth the investment, especially if you have not yet bought his two Original CDs, The Game, and Words and Music. 

It’ called “The Perfect Face For Radio” and you can find it HERE on his Acoustic Rotherham Feature Page and HERE in the Acoustic Rotherham CD Shop.

And you can still buy the first two CDs for a bargain package price in The Acoustic Rotherham CD Shop. ....
While in CD mode – why not also check out the great new CD from Cracktown our good friends from Hull.  They’ve a Facebook Page now HERE – but to check out the CD go HERE
.. ..
Those of you who pay attention to my “status comments” on Facebook and the like will know that this week I’ve had to play catch up with the Web Site again.  Let this be a lesson to those who borrow, or push their luck with software.  The Software developers are getting very clever these days and the ********  somehow managed to corrupt not only their programme to make it unusable, but also my site Files. 

I had though taken the precaution, after other self-inflicted disasters to put a copy on a separate drive – which was not corrupted although a month out of date. 

We are now fully operational again with legit Software and all is running smoothly, what’s more I’ve brought it all up to date, barring a couple of cosmetic touches that need to be sorted. 

Those going to Phillip Hartley page will see a completely new look to it along with his new Reverb pro version of the Player – looking good Phill, it may even convince me to buy the Pro package. ....
But this week see’s you able to access the Web Site via.

www.acousticrotherham.com  and www.rawmarshmashers.com  which some might find a little more instinctive than the Jmucreate.com address.  
.. ..
Both Myke pages have been updated HERE and HERE You’ll find some different photographs and other stuff.  

The donation button on the Trust Page has been tested and it’s working perfectly. ....
Please note – you don’t need a Paypal Account to pay via the buttons.   On the left of the first screen you’ll see a facility to make a donation or payment by Credit / Debit Card through the Paypal safe and secure system.   

That applies to the CD Shop – Acoustic Rotherham Donations – and Masher purchases as well.....
However if you are an artist opening a Paypal Account can have many benefits and you can open an account by following the Paypal link on the HOME Page - HERE
.. ..
The Diary pages have been updated with the latest Gig and Festival News I have been sent.  HERE
.. ..
I’ll be trying to get out and about this week a little.  It’s my intention to head out to the Black Lion on Monday night, and might hang around for a few minutes to see how the Thursday session at The Bridge works out this week.
.. ..
Places you might find interesting to visit should include The Venue Last Friday Folk at Stocksbridge, hosted by the lovely Charlie Barker – that reminds me I should make the effort this Friday. 

Charlie has also started a series of music evenings on a Friday evening at The Park Inn, which is on the Manvers Way, Wath Upon Dearne.  Steak and Folk I think her Company, The Partnership has called it.   When I can afford a night out I’ll drag Mrs Masher along for an evening. 

Don’t forget the Wickersley Open Mic on a Tuesday – The Jam session at The Woodlands Club, Rotherham on a Thursday.  Also check out the SNAFU link on The Gigs and News page HERE for details of their session.  It comes highly recommended.

I’m just a little bit concerned for Live@Dickens – check out the great Gigs that Mick promotes at his place, and the cover charges are so low as to be non-existent.   Most important of all Mick does a lot to help Promote and give time to local Bands to their stuff and if lose this venue it will be a very sad day for live music and the music scene in general around the Rotherham area. 

That’s it for a non-news week.  I think I did quite well to fill the space. 

Read more: http://blogs.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.view&friendId=130697807&blogId=536085796#ixzz0raHEh99z

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