Monday, 14 June 2010

A Quiet Wek Still Plenty to Talk About

Well, it’s all kicked off. And already much of the hope that we all had that an Italian might work a miracle over our headless chickens we call footballers have taken a bit of a kicking.

Never mind, I’m sure it will all come out in the wash.

For artists though, especially those on the Pub circuit this is at least three nightmare weeks. Last night poor Mark Hearne became the first local casualty, giving up before a note was played due to manic children and adults dressed in England shirts celebrating a 1-1 draw.

Why oh why do land Lords book, especially acoustic acts for these events.

On suggesting to the Land Lord that it was all going to be a waste of time once the big screen was switched off, the Land Lord said, “it’s up to you mate”.

The Mashers had a similar experience the night of England’s Rugby semi-final with France a couple of years ago, we did play on even though we had been considerably inconvenienced by a slip in the start time and the loss of the audience that had come to see us. We ended up playing out an hour with all our songs being punctuated with choruses of “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot”.

It wasn’t fun though. Our equipment was at risk as those who had over done the cheap beer during the match wobbled around the bar.

The best one can say is that some Land Lords need to use a more effective Diary, the worst, is that they simply do not check out what sort of acts they are booking for an event, or just show a total lack of respect for the artist who they view like any other disposable commodity.....

So nil points to the land Lord of The Monkwood for last night, but 2/10 for at least re-booking Mark for the 24th July.

So I had to go further afield for some music.

We ended up at The Woodlands where The Lanterns were doing their chilled out numbers, a positive antidote to the anger many felt about a certain goal keeping error.

It’s sometime since I’ve seen The Lanterns in full flow and it was good to see that they have not lost any of their technical and musical togetherness. With Bob’s smooth vocals being supported by Paul’s superlative guitar. But I’m not sure that the move to drums by Johno, surrendering his keyboards and banjo actually aids the band and Martin’s bass line needs lifting a bit.

Splendid stuff though.

And all performed on an outdoor stage in the wonderful setting of The Woodlands Club garden.

The Woodlands Club is a new venue to me. I had heard some of the boys talking about the place in the past but had not found the time to actually take a look at it. However, an act I particularly wanted to take listen to were doing a short set at the regular Thursday Jam Night, and so that’s where Thursday night found me.

A reasonably sized audience were treated to some smooth rock from host John to start the evening off, accompanied by his bass and drums mates. ....

A short acoustic interlude then followed. ....

Richard and Julie, the act I had popped along to listen to treated us to some super self-penned songs. They have only recently come back onto the local music scene and are already building a positive reputation for themselves around the Session Nights. I recommend that you look out for them. We hope to have them at an Acoustic Rotherham very soon.

Richard is clever chap, and he designs and hand makes pewter pins, badges keyrings etc. many with a musical theme. I hope that we’ll be able to feature some of his product on our Acoustic Rotherham pages soon. Check out his Web site HERE

It was also great to bump into Steph. It’s sometime since I last saw her perform, as she circulated around a different music orbit to The Mashers. Confident and entertaining as ever, and played on, for her, a strange guitar. Well done Steph.

As a venue I found The Woodlands Club to be very welcoming. It’s a Private Club, and you have to find someone to sign you in. Membership is fairly cheap though, and on the evidence of my two visits in one week, well worth the investment.

They have a full summer programme of music for the outside stage coming up so check out the local media for details.

It’s good to see a venue that is fighting the odds to remain open.

Recently I’ve been travelling around areas I’ve not been into for a long time. It’s just so depressing to see so many venues that Myke and I had played at now closed down or worse heaps of rubble. One boarded up Pub had no less than eight Agent Boards nailed to it and a big sign saying it now had all purpose planning permission – one fears it will not be long before that too is rubble. ....

In Rawmarsh itself, it was so sad to see that The Green Lane Tavern was again boarded up, one feels it won’t recover this time.

It’s perhaps a demonstration of just how alienated that the Labour Government became from the working folks and Community Pub users that it was heir range of policies that have led to decimation of the Pub Trade in this way. They could have done something – but simply did not understand what the problem was.

And those were the outings for the week. Note – no singing. You’ll not believe this but I’m still suffering a bit with the dodgy tummy. The Doctor says it’s stress…………… yes, the scourge of modern man. So I think another quiet week lies ahead.

More Festivals and Gigs have been added to the Diary Pages on the Acoustic Rotherham site HERE

All the latest News as ever can be found HERE

I’ve also updated the Myke’s Memory book. Thanks to all those who are still sending in your memories and kind wishes. ....

You’ll find the Book on Myke’s page HERE.

Also up is The Myke Barritt Music Trust page. HERE You will find a detailed account of what the Trust is all about, why we’ve started it and what it will seek to achieve. There is also a donation button.

Just reminder – if anyone in the Rotherham area plays lead guitar, or know of someone with such skills, I’m still looking for an honorary Masher to fulfil a number of commitments in the late summer early Autumn period. If you fancy ago give me a call 07507588964

Plans for Myke’s Birthday Bash on the 27th July are now beginning to take a bit of shape, and I hope to have a page up on the Web Site soon.

Phoebe has put out a general plea for “STORAGE SPACE”. Clearing Myke’s flat is a nightmare and there is a need to store some artefacts for a short period of time. If you’ve got space in a secure garage, garden shed of something similar – then please Email Phoebe :

And that’s it for this week. Please check out the Myke Barritt Music Trust page – you never know once we’re up and running we might be able to give you a hand in some way.

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