Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Better Late Than Never - The Tummy Bug Hits

Better late than never – some say, it’s for you to decide.
The very strange experience of solo performing continued at a very special Nellie Folk on the Monday.
I have to observe there was a strange atmosphere in the room, it was as if the ghost of Myke hung heavily in the room.  A different sort of night to the Cross Keys Mashers Gig last Tuesday, but in terms of turn out, just as busy.
Tributes to Myke came in various forms.  A Poem from Terry, a song from Sue Sutherland (both now published on Myke’s Memorial Page), and of course a toast or two, or was that six.
And Phoebe bravely performing a couple of songs too.  Bravely because like I, she chose songs that Myke would have been alongside of her providing his normal upbeat guitar accompaniment.  
But it was just the sort of evening Myke would have so much enjoyed himself, good songs, well sung, monologues, and general good crack, rounded off by a typically brilliant Roy Blackman performance.
Well done Rob and Roy.
Tuesday, and to The Black Bull at Aughton.  Great to meet up with more old friends.   The Black Bull is where we would give some of our not so folky material a work out, although recently our visits to the open mic had been few and far between as our acoustic sound became drowned out by the bigger band electric sound – brilliant though it is. 
Not a great Masher night though –  the curse of the Masherising of my guitar strings kicked in and for the third time in six weeks my A string went twang -  must have been a faulty pack me thinks.  Then of course the house guitar was completely out of tune as I slashed away at the last song.  
All of which reminded me of why we had withdrawn from the Open Mic scene more and more. 
I think Myke would have been having a good laugh looking down on the scene.  And I think that was the moment it really kicked in that he was no longer there.   Myke knew just what to do in such circumstances and had a series of little routines ranging from mock anger to a look of sheer boredom with which to entertain while running repairs etc. were made.   That realisation flashing in did little to help the last song.
And the week then went downhill for me – certainly in terms of health as the tummy bug kicked in, which to this day is still affecting my energy levels. 
So moving on –
Myke based events.  
4th June – This Friday.  The Fat Cat, Kelham Island for the Play On Club.   This is a Club that Myke helped to found way back in the mists of time when it started meeting following the demise of The Harlequin Session which he used as his base.  Myke never missed a meeting, in all the years, no matter what his health, and even if he only stayed on for a thirty minutes or so.  
This meeting of the Club is to be a special gathering to celebrate Myke’s life.   Be early. 
30th June  -  The Funeral.   2:00pm Rotherham Crematorium.    Wake at The Bridge Inn, Rotherham from around 3:00pm.  
No Flowers please.
Donations to be made to The Myke Barritt Music Trust - details of how to make donations will soon be available. 
The Trust has been set up in the name of Myke with the principle aim of providing encouragement and support to local live music and musicians, to reflect his lifelong love affair with music.
The Wake.  There will be limited catering, but please if you live locally it’s primarily “Bring and Share”.
Phoebe and I would like this to be an afternoon full of music and joy to celebrate Myke and will take the form of an Open Session.  In other words total musical chaos – just the sort of thing that Myke would have enjoyed so much.  
27th July -  Myke’s Birthday Bash.    From 2:00pm The Bridge, Rotherham. 
More details of this event will be published in due course.  It’s to be the principle Fund Raiser for the Myke Barritt Music Trust. 
All Myke’s main Bands will be making an appearance during the day, from Rock to The Mashers, + many, many others.   
It will be a full on event with continuous music all the way – with two stages allowing for non-stop stomping. 
So put the date in your diary – book it as a day off at work and be there.  
On Myke’s Page.   Added this week you will find a link to the Tribute to Myke from the Thursday Session published in the Advertiser last week.   A lovely tribute to the man.
Also I’ve pulled together all the Emails, and Social Networking messages that have been sent to The Mashers, Acoustic Rotherham and Phoebe and put them into one file now published as Myke’s Book of Remembrance.    The intention is to update the book at regular intervals up to the end of July.
If you have something to say or a story to tell that can be added then please send it to
and I’ll make sure that it is added. 
There will be an opportunity at the Wake and The Birthday Bash for those who do not have the technology to write a few lines and be added to the book.

As you can imagine with all this going on and my current lack of energy Acoustic Rotherham matters have been taking a back seat.   However over the next week or so I promise to get things moving again.
There’s plenty going on locally so check out the diary pages and find a place to play.
And what about The Mashers?  Some have been asking.  Well!   I’m not sure yet.  Something will be going on, it’s case of watch this space. 
That’s enough for this week I think.   The Bridge Charity Festival etc. will be covered in next week’s News blog.
Keep it real, keep it live.

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