Saturday, 3 July 2010

Final Details about Myke's Final Gig / Reviews and News

The week ended on a high, listening to the wonderful music of Rachel Barley in session at The Bridge in Rotherham.

An important component of Papa Legbas this was an only too rare solo outing for Rachel who has been knocking around the Rotherham music scene for many years, and in my humble view, never get's the recognition that she deserves.

Her distinctive, blues / jazz style always marks her out as someone worth listening to, and her singing voice is to kill for, full of tone and expression.  This is no open mic / Jam session performer reeling off their songs, Rachel is a so obviously an accomplished performer.

All of which makes me wonder why she is not “out there” more on her own.  I know she’s shy, but this is a talent that gets hidden far too much, one hopes she will gain confidence and some internal strength from this performance.

Her laid back simple delivery was just right for a very hot June Saturday night, and dare I say for those of us wishing that “our boys” will do one on the Germans, the music was cooling and calming.

Must mention her boys in the band, also members of Papa Legbas who provided a brass and percussion accompaniment that was just perfect, adding brilliantly to performance.

The performance was even more remarkable given that on turning up at The Bridge Rachel found that she had been let down by her PA man who had forgotten to drop the gear off at the Pub before heading off to Manchester to watch another Gig!!   

But Mashers to the rescue – a taxi ride to Masher Towers and she was fully equipped and ready to go. 
But I can only imagine the panic and stress that Rachel must have put herself through – not what you need when preparing for an evening’s performance.

You Promoters who read this missive regularly check out her Facebook page HERE and her Myspace page HERE and get her booked.

Acoustic Rotherham will not be slow in coming forward and Rachel will be on the October 31st Bill.
And a word about the venue, The Bridge.  One cannot overstate the transformation that Ben and Olivier have brought to the Pub.  It’s now the place where nearly every musician in Rotherham will visit at least once a week.  A fantastic atmosphere and ambiance.  You can keep up to date with the music that is happening by joining their Facebook Page HERE

On the other hand It’s sad to see that Live@Dicken’s is suffering.  I had a very quick word with Mick on Saturday night and it’s all on a knife edge.  Come on folks, if we don’t start using these live music venues then Live@Dicken’s is going to be yet another lost venue.  You can find a link to the Gigs HERE

And while I’m talking about talent.  There’s plenty of new blood on the scene.  Only this week I spent an hour or so chatting to one of the new singer song writers in Rotherham Joe Evans.  Currently he is touring the Jam Sessions and Open Mic Nights, but he is a name to watch out for along with that growing legend Phil Sinclaire.

More good reports of the SNAFU session run by Martin of MGM – if you’ve not been, I’m told it’s well worth a visit, and so it’s become top of my list for when I feel able to get out and sing.   You can find a link to SNAFU on the News and Gigs page HERE

Yes.  I started the week full of good intentions to get out there and do some stuff, but when the crunch came I’m sorry to say that my head and emotions were simply still not ready for it.  So apologies.  It is my intention to pop down to Nellie Folk, Monday, whether I do anything or not is up in the air, and really I have something inside that says “nothing until the Funeral on Wednesday, mate.”

And so to The Funeral of Myke Masher.  If you’re catching up, it’s this Wednesday at 2:00pm, Rotherham Crematorium, The Ridge Way.  The Wake follows at The Bridge, Rotherham.   Full addresses, Post Codes and Google Maps can be found on the Web Site,  Post Codes etc HERE in the Red News Block and The Google Maps HERE on Myke’s page.  They are at the bottom of the page.
On the right hand side of the page you’ll also find a link to the Order of Ceremony – also available on the News Page in the Red blob.

Please remember and respect Myke’s wishes for NO FLOWERS, instead you may wish to make a donation to the Myke Barritt Music, details and an online secure Donation Button can be found HERE.
Many thanks to those who have already made a donation.  

If you don’t trust buttons on Web Pages, there will be collection boxes at both the Crem and The Wake + Cheques to “The Myke Barritt Music Trust” can be sent to 26, Payne Crescent, Rawmarsh, Rotherham S62 7JB.

Just a word on the Wake which is going to take the form of an Open Session.  If you live local and can bring some “bring and share” food in the Myke tradition, it will be very much appreciated.

The World Cup has been dominating the News recently.  It’s hard to escape especially top matches like Uruguay v Outer Mongolia!!  You know, those matches we just can’t miss, or that’s what we tell our employers.  

But besides the delight of the Vuvuzella – what an instrument? – this World Cup has caused more song writers than ever to put pen to paper.   I’ve already featured Al’s Patriotic Song (That’s The Misk Hills Mountain Rambler to you and I) but this week I’ve added to the Web Site three more songs, all, in my view, very funny and well worth a listen.  Thank you Radio 5.  You can find them in the Red Blodge on the News page HERE.

Don’t forget to get your Gigs for July and August in for the Diary pages.  HERE  I’ll be getting August up very soon.

This week another fistful of Reviews from David Kidman were published on the site, some really interesting stuff and I’ll be putting those that I can in the Amazon Shop HERE very soon.  You can get to Dave’s growing page of Reviews HERE

If I’ve got time I hope to add some more content to the Site later in the week.

So good to see Phillip Hartley going up the Reverb Charts – even if he’s knocked us off our No. 2 Spot.   His new Album, The Perfect Face for Radio is doing really well , with plays of his songs on Internet Radio Stations all over the World.  If you’ve not checked out the new Album check it out HERE  It’s also available in the CD Shop HERE

So don’t forget it’s Nellie Folk Monday, and of course it’s Play on at the Fat Cat on Friday as the stand out Folk Clubs / sessions this week.

And I’ll catch you all on the other side

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