Sunday, 20 March 2011

It's War!! Sorry - it's a No Fly Zone, All the AR / MBMT / Masher News from the week and more

It’s been a bit of a bitty week. 

Everywhere we turned it seemed to be gloom, especially on the News front.  More bad news on the Economy in the form of a 17 year high set of Unemployment Figures, with our young people again taking the main hit.  I was interested to hear that the over 65s are doing OK, with record numbers finding jobs.   Now just what is that saying about Pensions?

The full horror of the after effects of the Japanese Earth Quake started to sink into the consciousness, with a death toll that is rising daily, and of course the drama still being played out around the nuclear power stations. 

And currently the News Channels are blanket covering our involvement in the Air Exclusion Zone over Libya.  Yet another adventure into the Middle East that one feels has other underlying reasons besides trying to save the Libyan people from a Madman. 

To me Libya is just the tip of the Iceberg , the whole Gulf Region is a powder keg just waiting for a detonator.  Hardly surprising in a Region where the extremes of decadence and poverty are so clearly seen.   

And of course the West cannot wash their hands of the role they have played in all of this, so greedy for the oil, and to recoup those dollars and pounds by trading services, mainly armaments, while closing our eyes to the lack of human rights that most Gulf States Governments give to their people. 

Whatever, it gave Dave his big chance to make to make that now compulsorily Statement that modern Prime Ministers seem to crave for, to announce that our servicemen have gone into action in a Theatre of War, on the steps of Number 10.  

But is there anyone out there like me find the whole thing sickening?  Was this the same Cameron who just three weeks or so ago was belting around the Middle East with a plane load of arms dealers trying to sell guns and CS Gas to these Governments? 

And if we sell these folks guns, should we be so shocked that these Governments or dictators should decide to use them to protect their interests?

And of course he will be so busy making sure “our boys”  are OK and well supplied that he will not be able to take seriously the Million or so people who will Marching through London next weekend.  Will the Police join in on this one?  Just as he probably had nothing to do with the cover up of the Customer Satisfaction Survey that showed everything was fine and not in need of the major changes that he is proposing! 

There are hundreds of coaches running down to London next weekend from the Rotherham area, many free as Trade Unions are meeting the costs.  Contact your Union if you want to go and have not yet made travel arrangements.  

Unfortunately I shall not be able to make the trip myself, but to all the Comrades going, please keep yourselves safe, and try not to lynch too many Liberal MPs.  

Full details and the alternative strategy to the Coalition Cuts can be found on the Acoustic Rotherham News page HERE

Those who have been keeping up with the Updates this week will know that a start has been made on lightening up the Web Site.  Not an easy task, if we’re to keep things up to date.  So please be patient.  In particular Navigation around the site will be very difficult.  I’ve so far upgraded all the main Home Pages and a few of the most popular sub-pages.  If you’ve not taken a look now’s your chance. 

You should find pages quicker to load and if you are one of those irritated by the music then you’ll find the player easier to use / switch off. 

The main NEW FEATURE is the re-emergence of the “Shout Box”.  I’ve put this on the Diary Pages.  So all you have to do to bring your Event / Gig to the attention of folks is to type it into the box.  That’s because I’ve been accused of overlooking certain events.  I do try my best to keep up but it’s not always possible.  Check it out HERE

Incidentally I’ve posted three new Reviews onto the David Kidman page HERE

You Song Writers out there might be interested in a Radio Station I’ve come across “Song Writer Radio”, broadcasting to the Internet from Bakewell.  Check it out HERE our friend Dave Paskell recently has had his worked played and done a feature Interview.

The Darnall Datallers Writers Club & Myke Barritt Music Trust Spring Festival is underway.  I’ve had great reports from the Hearts Of Steel opening event, a review should appear on the MBMT Pages soon. 

But it was with great sadness that I learnt of the death of Doreen, soon after the event. 
Doreen and Roy had been constants at Music and Writing events throughout South Yorkshire, I admired their energy at getting to so many events.  They were also keen followers of The Mashers and did much to encourage us when we first set out on our musical adventure.  Sue Sutherland has very kindly put together an Obituary to Doreen which you can find HERE along with a couple of rare recordings of Doreen reciting her greatest hits poems.
Details of the Spring Festival can be found HERE

First Reports of the Rotherham Real Ale and Music Festival, the first at Magna suggest it should be a record year in terms of numbers, apparently 10,000+ entered the event over the four day period Wednesday to Saturday, 4,600 on the Saturday alone.  A record amount is expected to be paid to the designated Charities.  The Mashers are proud to be associated with the event.

On Saturday I was able to catch a few tunes from Dead Man’s Finger at The Bridge.  A super sound, and the acoustic set was fantastic and shows conservable development.   Then it was off to Rawmarsh Trades and Labour to give a shout for View From S62.  Always great to see the local lads in the Club doing their thing.  

The week ahead will find The Masher playing at The Commercial Chapeltown tonight and on Thursday at The Bridge as part of the MBMT Spring Festival. 

There’s plenty else going on so head to the Diary Page for full details. HERE

And that’s it for this week.  Whatever you’re doing in the week ahead have fun and above all keep that music live.

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