Thursday, 10 March 2011

Hearts Of Steel Special

Now here’s unusual, a News Blog Special from The Rawmarsh Mashers / Myke Barritt Music Trust and Acoustic Rotherham.  And why might this be the case?  Answer, there’s an event this coming Monday Night that I think deserves a very special mention, a live performance, to launch the DVD and CD entitled “Hearts Of Steel”. 

As we all know, Steel Production has been as much at the heart of Rotherham as Coal, and indeed long after the pits (the exception being Maltby)have closed, Rotherham continues to be at the heart of the Rotherham economy, not as much as many would like, but it’s still here and living with us now. 

The ‘Songs of Steel’ community project, funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund was initiated by Rotherham Community Arts and Archives and Local Studies in 2009. The project's aim was to collect the memories and stories of people in Rotherham who worked within the steel industry and to celebrate Rotherham’s industrial heritage and create a legacy for future generations.
There’s a wealth of information and specially written music, from trad to Rap and verse to be found by exploring the excellent Songs Of Steel Web Site, you can find a link on the Acoustic Rotherham Web Site or go straight to it HERE

The live performance on Monday, shows at 2:30pm and 7:30pm, has Ray Hearne introducing an exceptional range of talent performing their songs, Mr Rotherham Blues, Steve Gasgoine, Folk and poet Roy Blackman, The Kimberworth Male Voice Choir, Sandra Lint, Christine  May Turner, Mick Shaw and many more.  Tickets are only £7, a charge that I'm told that has to be made as the Council cannot afford to allow the group to use the Civic Theatre for free.

There is DVD costing £10 that will be available from Magna and the Museum, with the CD and more Teaching aids to come. 

This is a fantastic bit of Oral History, a collection of recollections and art, all to celebrate the importance of Steel to the development of Rotherham.

While you’ll be able to enjoy the DVD for years to come, the Show is on for only one day, so make that special effort to get yourself to the Civic Theatre, Rotherham this coming Monday.  I know that you will not be disappointed.

I’m told that there may well be a number of smaller events depending upon demand in the months ahead and we’ll make sure that Acoustic Rotherham readers / Myke Barritt Music Trust supporters get to know what is happening.   Keep a check on the News Page HERE

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