Sunday, 9 January 2011

Normal Business Resumes - AR10 News - Local News and Fund Raisers

The first week of 2011 has, I hope, been safely negotiated by everyone. 

It seems that Bookers of all types have had some sort of New Year bug with double bookings cropping up throughout the County.   I hope our message about the Robbers Dog Folk Club got out in time, if you went last night and did not find the usual gathering then pop along next Saturday the 15th January and you’ll find all your friends waiting to share a song or two.   The Birdsedge Live Concert at the end of the month has also suffered from the New Year DB Bug, the Concert due on the 29th having been put back to the 30th January.    Full details on the Diary page HERE

If you are local many of you will be aware of the financial problems facing Rawmarsh Comprehensive School, and the threat or decision as I now think it is, to reduce staffing levels by over thirty teachers!!!   Currently there is a “Save Our School” Campaign going on and there is a meeting at the Rawmarsh People’s Centre on Tuesday 11th January at 7:00pm where you can make your voice heard.   

You can find more out about the Campaign by visiting the Facebook page HERE

Also watch out for details of fund raising Concert to help finance Martin’s Campaign.

Another  well-known local Institution is currently under financial pressure.   The Thornberry Animal Sanctuary has only enough cash to survive until the end of the month providing its comprehensive service for animals in distress.   Toein’ In The Dark, The Masher, Tina McKevitt and Matt Hegarty have put their heads together and will be promoting a concert to include one other top name.  

We have a date Friday February 11th.  No venue as yet, but be assured as soon as one is found we will let you know.  

Thornberry are excited by the prospect of funds being raised in this way, so we hope we can provide them with some positive help.   

So for now, just mark the day off in your Diary – and watch out for the full details to be published very soon we hope.  

We’re also be relying upon all of you to get the word out there by spreading the word far and near and to help sell as many tickets as we can.  ALL PROCEEDS WILL BE GOING TO THORNBERRY

You can find full details of Thornberry problems HERE

The Mashers have a couple of other Gigs coming up over the same period – you can keep in touch HERE

It was a great week for The Condem Government, the first week that “cuts” were not the major discussion point – nop – it was an “increase” that took us all by, not much of a surprise when first Petrol duty went up and then VAT shot up 2.5%.   Don’t believe what they say about it not huirting very much, just wait until you see your quarterly power bill when it lands on your mat during the month.   And that is just the start.  Folks like me are feeling it straight away, for a Driving Instructor already spending over £100 per week on petrol the current increase from 117.9p to 124.9p per Ltr within two weeks I can tell you that this really hurts. 

And who would be an Australian this week?   It was the manner of the England victory that impressed me so much in the Ashes series.  Three victories by an innings plus is a real kicking in cricketing terms.   So well done to our Cricketers.

I’m sorry to say that not a lot of progress has been made in the sorting out of the Web Site this week, and to be honest my attention must now move onto Acoustic Rotherham 10 on 30th January.   If artists have not yet let me have their Biogs, Picture and track, please do so immediately.  If you’re not sure that you are on the list then head HERE

I’ve noticed that some artists might be having problems with the Emails for some reason.  Please check your Spam / Anti Virus software to allow Emails from  or

Acoustic Rotherham dates for this year are confirmed as being 30th January. (AR 10),   17th April (AR 11),  31st July (AR 12), 30th October (AR 13).   All at The Queens, Rawmarsh.    The April date has had to be shifted a week forward because of Easter.  If you want to play at an Acoustic Rotherham, please contact me at

Hits on the Web Site are generally on the move upwards again which is good to see.  However, we do need to push on if the great music being created by our local talent is to be heard by a wider audience.  We’ve many features that other Review / Listing sites do not offer in terms of FREE Downloads of sample tracks / CDs from artists – if you’ve not yet checked the page out go HERE   We have the CD Shop HERE and the link into Amazon HERE and of course we have a range of advice and resources for the developing our acts. HERE
Please help us get the word out there.  You can find out how you can help by going HERE

Now here’s an offer you should find difficult to reject.  Alun Parry, a Merseyside writer of radical songs, with a twist of humour is giving away an eight track CD on his Website.   I promise you won’t be disappointed.  So head off HERE  and follow the links.
Another site that may be of interest is PJs, especially if you are looking for songs or lyrics for songs.  Over 1900 songs can be found plus he includes a lot of help and advice.  Check it out HERE 

For everything going on locally head for the Diary HERE

And that’s it folks for another week.

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