Sunday, 23 January 2011

Great Music coming your way. Acoustic Rotherham 10 / Theornberry Benefit Concert

The end of another busy week.

I’m pleased to say that the final bits to the Thornberry Benefit Concert have been put in place.  Big thanks to Ben at The Bridge for agreeing to help us and allow us to use the big room upstairs for the event. 

The tickets are now out there at £5 per head, and you can buy them from the acts – that’s Ray Hearne, Toein’ In The Dark, Tina and Matt and of course The Rawmarsh Masher.   You can also buy tickets on line HERE

Just to remind you the date is Friday 11th February, doors 7:30pm for an 8:00pm start at The Bridge. 

If you want to help publicise the event a copy of the poster and flyers are available for down load from Concert Page HERE

I’m told that plans for the Rawmarsh Comp Save Our School fund raiser at The Star at Rawmarsh on 18th February are now beginning to firm up.  Besides The Rawmarsh Masher , Creeking Bones who play classic rock, China Town and Highway Child are all appearing and we’re also hoping that View From S62 will join the Bill.   Be prepared for a late night this one is going to run into the early hours.  
Final plans for Acoustic Rotherham 10 have fallen into place, although I’m still looking to contact one act, The Stuart Crew, who I think are loose duo who happen to decide upon that name.  Anyway, all the act details are up as is the ON STAGE TIMES and of course the poster and flyers are available for download for printing to help with the publicity.  As I’ve already said, we really have some fantastic singer song writers heading to The Queens on the 30th January making the afternoon well worth a few hours of your time, so please come along.  You can find all the details HERE 
The Acoustic Rotherham Player has also been up dated.  It now has over 91 tracks from artists who have appeared at Acoustic Rotherham over the years, it’s a fantastic showcase of the talents of acts from the Yorkshire Region and a bit wider.  Why not add it to your to your Website or Myspace or Facebook page.   You can find the Player HERE 

Of course Acoustic Rotherham marks the end of a busy week for The Rawmarsh Masher.   Coming up this week will be outings to Nellie Folk on Monday Night and Henry Boons (Wakefield) on Thursday, with Acoustic Rotherham on Sunday afternoon.

During the past week I’ve continued with the Web Site upgrade.   Thanks for the positive comments and I think we’ve overcome many of the problems that the site previously had. 
Two stand out adds though.  First I’ve added to the Myke Barritt Remembered Page the excellent article by Andy on the life and times of Myke.  It’s a stand out piece of work because it includes a full discography.  If you’ve not already had a read it’s worth the time.  You can find it HERE

From February the Events Diary has been improved by including even more Clubs.  We want the listings to be all inclusive so if your Club is not included then please get in contact with me on  Check HERE

Festival organisers seem to be getting well ahead of themselves this year.   A reminder that the Wath Festival Tickets and main Programme is available HERE but I’d also draw your attention to the Five Day Free Singers and Players Staithes Five Day Festival in July organised by Tony Lenard over in Loftus.   This is a fantastic all inclusive event for everyone, you can find a link to full details on the Acoustic Rotherham News Page. 

And another great singers Festival the Holmfirth Festival has published it’s 2011 dates for May, you can find all the details and Web Site HERE

Speaking of which, don’t forget the Barnsley Folk Against Fascism Concert on the 5th February Ticket information HERE

While we’re talking of Events I’d draw your attention to the new Events listings facility offered by the Rotherham Advertiser.  There appears to be two levels of listing, Free for a basic listing and a pay listing for a featured event.  Well worth using folks and you can get to it by going HERE

That’s despite my issues with The Advertiser Entertainment people who still do not give enough space to featuring the work of local talent and events.

Only one night of music for Dickie this past week and that was a Saturday night visit to The Bridge.  This week, legends of the Rotherham scene The Rogues
The Rogues are one of those Bands that I always feel never get the full credit that they deserve, it might well be because they cannot be easily placed into any category other than, great fun.  They made their name thrashing out Irish tunes, but over the years have added to their repertoire with upbeat versions  of other classic songs, including Kev’s favourite, The Snake. 

They have their own sound and their own arrangements, and their own style of performance, which is why of course they are so popular locally and for Weddings etc.  

One thing jumped out at me though from one of the rare song introductions, “We’ve never been booked for the Wath Festival and this may be why”, as they headed off into their own version of the Country number “ Jolene”.   I think it very strange that they have been so consistently over looked by the Wath Festival, given that they have been main stays of the local scene for so many years.  I have a feeling it’s because they rarely play Folk Clubs, and are brave enough to take their music out to where it matters, to the wider people in Pubs and Clubs. 

And of course they are so talented, with Kev now working on his new music project with Meadowland and Martin playing his socks off with both The Lanterns and Florin as well as running the Open Mic Night at The Black Bull , Aughton every Tuesday night. 

Well done lads really enjoyed the night out. 

Thanks again for those who have added their best wishes on the old health issues.  Just to keep folks updated, it will be another week before I have any results from the recent Tests, so watch out for the Blog in a week or so.  

Speaking of which I see that Cameron is set full course on making radical changes to the way in which the NHS is administered.  Perhaps he should learn from the Labour Government experience in as far is that it took close to a decade of investment to sort out the mess left by John Major in 1997.  I really hope that this is a plan that will strangled at birth, although Cameron seems set full on to make the changes, even suggesting that for some reason our Health Service is failing.  Personally my experience is that it’s very good. 

But hats off to Cameron.  He is at least performing to type and is repaying his supporters as quick as he can.  Something the Labour Party could learn from.  Cameron has gone into Government with a clear vision of the Society he wishes to create, we may not like the rich and powerful getting richer and more powerful, but that’s what he is about.  What a pity then that Blair wasted ten years achieving only bits here and there and those reforms were driven by the man who was viewed in the last days as being public enemy number one Gordon Brown. 

Next week’s Blog will be late folks.  So whatever you’re doing keep it real and live this week, and a reminder that you can find what’s happening on the local scene HERE

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