Wednesday, 13 January 2010

News Blog - Going Stir Crazy

I’ve got to be honest, I’m really not sure what has been achieved this week, or what I have done.

Most of the week seems to have been spent looking out of my window on a whitescape and wondering just how bad the roads beyond the one that boasts Masher Towers might be.

Here’s a picture that sort sums it all up – it’s The Mashers following their Monday night practice at The Bridge……………

And I don’t think my brain got more alive than on that night.

But I’ll be honest, I’ve done lots of half jobs. So my computer is currently a bit like one of them DIY chaps garages, bits of stuff all over the place but with nothing really finished properly.

So not a lot to tell you about this week.

What we done is to get the Demo Disc section of the CD Shop up and running. We’ve posted the Short Supply Demo Disc, which has six super tracks on it and is available for FREE DOWN LOAD exclusively at the CD Shop. As is, well we had to do it, The Rawmarsh Mashers Demo Disc.

If you want your Demo Disc included then Email it to and we will do the rest. Not only that, if you’ve appeared at an Acoustic Rotherham we’ll link it all up for you.
And it’s FREE

We can boast our first sales through the Amazon links this week – thanks to the people concerned for supporting our links. It would be nice if more of you checked it out

And The Acoustic Rotherham Store by going HERE


And we’ve also linked up with the MUSICROOM – another great link up that will bring you some great on-line deals.

And a reminder that The Flat Cap Folk Club meets on the 21st January at The Transport Club, Rotherham. It’s a singers and musicians night. So if the weather allows, and you, like I are starting to go stir crazy from not being able to get out, then bring your songs down to the Club.

And 31st January it’s Acoustic Rotherham 6. And a great line up is shaping up once again. That is of course at The Queens Hotel, Rawmarsh. What’s more boys and girls, FOOD will be available, and if we know enough people are attending Chris the Land Lord might go as far as having a Hog Roast – now would that be good or what?

OK poor old Myke will have to go hungry , sorry mate – but the thought of fresh crackling and port already has my juices going. So let me know if you’re likely to be coming.

And with Folk on Fire – Jack’s Rake – Acoustica – Phil Graham – Mark Hearne (Ray’s little Brother) plus a host of other guests it’s going to be a great afternoon and evening of music.
So that’s it guys.

Oh – I’ve sent personal Messages to all previous Acoustic Rotherham artists about the CD Shop and the plans for the future so I’m not going into the full sales pitch this week – phewwwwwww I can hear the sigh of relief from here.

The Mashers have some dates for January and February that will be going up very soon keep an eye out HERE

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