Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Introduction to Acoustic Rotherham

Quite simply Acoustic Rotherham exists to promote LIVE and mainly acoustic based MUSIC in the South Yorkshire Region.

Acoustic Rotherham works on a number of levels.

1. We aim to encourage more musicians and artists to come out of their back bedrooms to SHARE their music with a wider audience, by participating in the wealth of Folk Clubs, Open Mic Evenings and Jam Sessions that currently run in and around the Rotherham and Sheffield area.

2. Through the quarterly Acoustic Rotherham HIRING FAIRS we provide artists from around the Country with a platform to showcase their material, develop their performing skills and promote them selves in the South Yorkshire Region.

3. To encourage YOUNG PEOPLE to take part in live music events and develop their performing skills.

4. Through the pages of the Acoustic Rotherham Web Site provide Folk and Live Music Audiences with a ready reference to where the best LIVE MUSIC GIGS are happening, and provide a general News Service.

Our News Page also carries syndicated National News and News from all the Major and Minor Festivals.

5. Provide event PROMOTERS with a one stop reference to some of the top semi pro and pro talent in the Region, for contact and booking.

6. Provide PROMOTERS with a tailor made show through the ACOUSTIC ROTHERHAM ROAD SHOW service.

7. Help artists to PROMOTE themselves using the tools available via the Internet. Artists have free access to advise and E Books that help them get the most out of Myspace, Facebook and Reverbnation and the rest.

8. To promote Folk and Acoustic Acts via our REVIEW SERVICE.

9. Offer a home for other LIVE PERFORMANCE AND WRITING ARTS, like poetry and prose.


11. PROMOTE CONCERTS of live music.


So WOT’S it all about then?, this Acoustic Rotherham thing!

Acoustic Rotherham is nothing more than a broad label under which you can find all the News, Events and Regular Meetings for local musicians and singers.

From novice to the advanced there is something for you on the Rotherham music scene, offering opportunities to develop skills and most important of all have your music heard.

From Monday to Friday and of course weekends, there is always something going on be it an Open Mic for those who rock or a Folk Club for those who enjoy a more social sing song with their beer. Check out the Local Club page for all the details of where and when.

Acoustic Rotherham is also about helping musicians develop their publicity skills and encouraging them to use the Internet to gain a positive profile, while also giving their music an opportunity to be heard all round the World. Go to the Musician Self Help page and down load the E articles or check out the blogs on offer.

To help musicians who may have limited knowledge of the Internet and computers Acoustic Rotherham offers a number of premium services that are becoming very popular. You’ll find these on the Additional Services page.

But probably the most important Acoustic Rotherham service is the quarterly Hiring Fair held at The Monkwood in Rawmarsh. The Hiring Fairs provide artists with an opportunity to showcase their talent within twenty five minute frames, and with twelve acts appearing at each event, the whole session runs for a whole Sunday afternoon.

What’s more is that these events are free to both artists and audience. For their part Acoustic Rotherham make sure that the events are publicised as wide as possible around the local media and Promoters, while also featuring on the Acoustic Rotherham Player and Acts On stage Pages.

Acoustic Rotherham also provides artists with an opportunity to quickly contact each other via the tools they can find on the ACOUSTIC ROTHERHAM TOOL BAR, which we urge all those with an interest in Acoustic Rotherham to Down Load. No hidden bugs or anything, and you also get to be linked in to the best Folk to be found on local Radio.

Sharing our experiences and knowledge can only be good, and help to create and maintain a healthy LIVE music environment. And that’s what Acoustic Rotherham is all about, sharing.

We also like to promote and encourage our young talent and we hope more young people will come to us and share in what is being offered.

We also offer a BOOKING SERVICE to Promoters, putting them in touch with artists that they may like to have perform in their venue.

New ideas will constantly be appearing on our pages so we urge you to sign up to the News Letter which will feature in your Inbox on a weekly basis. Most recently David Kidman joined the team and provides the Site with up to the minute Reviews and also offers Review services to artists.


We should add that no genre of music is excluded from being involved, pop into a Club, come along to a Acoustic Rotherham Hiring Fair and see for yourself. One thing is for sure you’ll have a great time, make a lot of new friends and who knows, perhaps learn something that will help you in whatever you are seeking to achieve with your music.

All but a few of the services we offer are FREE, rely upon DONATIONS to keep going, so if you find something that has been particularly useful then please help us by making a donation HERE, even if it has simply been the pleasure of listening to the streamed music. Also visit our Sponsors all of whom have supported Acoustic Rotherham by giving of time or equipment.

We will take ADVERTISING ON the Acoustic Rotherham and THE RAWMARSH MASHER PAGES please go HERE to find out more.

And now we have a CD Shop where acts who have privately produced CDs can list their CD with a Link up with Amazon for extra Kudos


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