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News - Foundation Records / Slamfest + / outings and Exciting week ahead.

There’s a lot of news to bring you in this Blog, so let’s get down to business.

Foundation Records, our Community Record label, and collaboration with Myplace, Rotherham, has announced the first three audition events. They are:-

7th February
21st February
7th March. 

All starting at 2:00pm and finishing around 5:00pm at Myplace, St Ann’s Road, Rotherham.

Priority will be given to performers between the ages of 14 and 24 from all genres of performance Arts, music and spoken word.  Bands, Solo artists, poets, story tellers.  We will also be giving some priority to artists from the ethnic Communities. 

These audition sessions will not be conducted like X Factor.  We just want to get an idea of the young talent out in the Rotherham Community before planning the Recording
sessions for real.

At the sessions we hope to have experienced musicians and poets on hand to help by providing advise that may help development.  We also hope that those participating will network and even collaborate with each other to create new material.  

Everyone is welcome to the sessions but to be sure of a slot you will need to Email HERE or Tom HERE

Over the next few months every performer will have the opportunity of studio recording at least one track. 

All tracks will be added to a Sound of Rotherham compilation digital Album – initially on line but when funding is secured hard copies in the latest format. 

Plus –
We will be offering the chance to join in Workshops about Sound Engineering; Graphic Design; Marketing; Performance; Lighting; Song Writing and Poetry Writing. 

One could say that we are seeking to create a Performing Arts Youth Club which we hope will be long lasting.

And initially, thanks to an agreement between RAE and MyPlace there is NO CHARGE.  Come along and discover how you might benefit from joining in on this great project. 

Other details can be HERE

SLAMFEST News.   SLAMFEST is RAE’s annual flagship event.  2015 see’s our fourth event and we have been learning with each Festival. 

The Festival weekend is stressful for all those on the organisation team which is very small, much of it self-inflicted because we try to do so much and offer as many Bands as possible the opportunity to take part in the event.  This year there are several major changes.  

First the positives.   There will be two opportunities to take part as we have decided to split the event, enabling AC/DC ticket holders to not miss out.  
July 4th – 5th will see our two day Festival THE CHANTRY BREWERY SLAMFEST, with the main stage at The Cutlers; Acoustic / Spoken Word stage at the New York Tavern; and a Youth Stage at MyPlace.   

August 22nd will see the BRISTOL STREET MOTORS ROTHERHAM TOWN CENTRE SLAMFEST running from 12pm – 6:00pm., with a flow over into a session at The Cutlers starting from around 6:30pm and running until late.   Acoustic Stages and Youth Stage will depend upon demand. 

The negative.   We will not be attempting to involve any other venues.  I’ll tell you why.  Over the three years we have run we have transported kit, attempted to arrange kit etc for all the participating venues.  Not only is this time consuming but when we are let down by suppliers and in some cases Bands failing to turn up it has cost RAE money, not to mention our reputation.  Mick, Dan and I (the Masher) can no longer afford to subsidise the event.  This is especially the case when venues that have benefited with increased bar sales on the day of the event have made minimal contributions towards the cost of the Festival.  The final straw being a £100 donation for £1.8K show that put over £5K over the bar! 

I’m going to be frank with you, if it had not been for the intervention of Chantry Brewery the 2014 event would not have happened and been the massive success it eventually turned out to be.

If other venues wish to participate they will be welcome to join in the Festivities, by piggy backing the event.  If they wish to be included in the publicity for the event then they will need to get details to us by 25th May 2015 for which there is a £50 charge which includes avert, and where requested Bands.   BACK LINE AND SOUND will be the responsibility of the venue.

We will be producing the usual Brochures and Sponsors are most welcome to partner event. More Information HERE

And here’s another opportunity to play.  MATTFEST GOES GLOBAL.   We will be joining close on 200 other venues around the World to raise cash for the “Justice for Matt” campaign.   Saturday 11th July.

Matthew Cryer was a young lad who went off his first holiday abroad and never returned having died of brain injuries following being thrown out of night cub in Greece.  Witnesses have said that Matthew was the subject of an unwarranted attach by the bouncers, who so far have escaped justice due to the complexities of Greek Law.  

The family of Matthew have so far spent over £20K on lawyer fees in their attempt to get justice for their son and Mattfest is just one means by which funds have so far been raised to date.   This will be the fifth Mattfest and due to it’s Global reach the biggest so far. 

We will be hosting stages at The Cutlers, and an Acoustic Stage if there is enough interest. 

If you would like to take part in this Charity event then Email us HERE

More information:   HERE  and   HERE  

A few outings to report on.  

I had a lovely afternoon out with The Masher Road Crew, Sue and Barrie for a bit of folk dancing and music.  Great to see some old chums at the event, although there were dancing steps to be spotted at the bottom of my legs.  

Unfortunately nothing outstanding to report from being marched to Rawmarsh T & L Clubs offerings these past two weekends.   Let’s just say there was noise.  It does make me laugh though when what are average Bands in the main churning out them rock classics are at first met with wide spread indifference by the audience yet by 11:15pm are hailed as “rock Gods”.  I think the six or seven pints sunk during the evening might have something to do with it…………………..  

This last Sunday I managed to make my first afternoon session at The Cutlers with those fine examples of Rotherham beef, The Thurmanators.  I noted another new drummer – they seem to wear them out with a little too much regularity.  It was great to see the Pub so full for the event; it seems as if the afternoon chill out and a couple of pints fits with the working patterns of most people.    Next up for The Cutlers Sunday session is the amazing Systems of Hate, who are promising some new material during their set. 

LIVE AT THE TRADES News.   Unfortunately the Simple Minds Tribute, Alive and Kicking has had to be re-arranged, this means that our first event of 2015 will  be The Jammed making a welcome return to Live at The Trades on February 21st.   Watch this space for more details of the 2015 programme.  

The Web Site redevelopment continues, we have now added a Resource Page to the RAE site, replacing the one which used to be found on the Acoustic Rotherham site.   We’ve updated the links to many useful sites of use to musicians and spoken word performers and activists.   GO HERE to check it out.  

A top weekend of live music in Rotherham is kicked off on Friday night at The Cutlers with Ian Huddleston’s Be The Revolution taking centre stage again, making a welcome return after last month’s successful Gig.   On Saturday, it’s again all down The Cutlers for some not so predictable classic rock from Crimson Moon, well worth the outing if you’ve not seen them before.  Then on Sunday afternoon if you’ve not been real aled enough it’s System of Hate.  WOW.  A busy weekend there then. 

Wednesday 28th January a stand out folk event at Firbeck Village Hall with Steve Knightly of Show of Hands fame is making an appearance.  Links to details can be found HERE

Also on Wednesday 28th it’s ROAR’S 10th Anniversary AGM from 6:00pm.  Besides the usual dry stuff of AGM’s there’s a lot of Arty type activities taking place.  The evening comes complete with refreshments and is open to everyone with an interest in the Arts in Rotherham.   There are a number of very exciting projects in the mix for 2015,   so well worth the trouble to pop along and find out what they are. 

All the normal listings along with the specials can be found HERE             

Finally.  Oh dear, so Chris Bryant, Shadow Arts Minister, wants a more level playing field when it comes to the Arts.   Would this be the same Labour Party that chooses Arts Projects as the first thing to cut when asked to find savings by the Coalition?   I think Ministers who live glass houses should stop throwing stones that make them look completely stupid and of touch with the reality of the situation in the Arts. 

So my friends, whatever you’re doing this week, have a great time, support your local venues  - and KEEP IT LIVE.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

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