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Chit Chat / Events / CSE InformTION

The weeks seem to be flashing by at the moment – before we know it Santa will be slipping down the chimney.

This could be last Blog written on this version of the Mashing Machine which despite a couple of software conflicts has been the most consistent machines I’ve ever had, in fact as far as the hardware is concerned I’ve never had a problem.

So well done to Zoomstorm, who have retained my custom for the new machine.

There will of course be a slowdown in services while I work out how to use the new machine and transfer all the required data and programs; a joy that I look forward to.

I have been well pleased by the response and the number of people who have taken the trouble to read the Child Exploitation Blog.  Thank you for your comments.  As a response to requests I have uploaded an information leaflet and a guide published by South Yorkshire Police listing the indicators of Child Sex Exploitation.   I hope you will find them useful.  You can find them HERE    For those who have not yet read the Child Sex Exploitation Special Blog you can find it HERE

While talking about Training – the British Council funded Active Citizenship Course still has vacancies.  It takes up a few chunks of time during the last week of the month and first week of December, but I can assure you it is well worth making the effort to learn new methods of engagement with Communities and Network.   Email VAR HERE for more details

Unfortunately we had to cancel the Dirty Dylan Show.   Making the third cancelled show in two months.   This time though it was down to poor ticket sales – and when I say poor I mean poor.   Such a pity as I was looking forward to a bit of Dylan, but clearly Bob is no longer the flavour of the Month, even amongst our demographic mid-forties audience.    Whoops, Mick will kill me.  The real reason for cancelling is that Bob could not get a flight……………………   

This comes after two packed houses for Live Wire and Lovehunter.  I’ve got to say I was really pleased with both audiences and at last we are seeing some younger faces coming through the door. 

While on Trades business, Mick and I would like to make it clear that we have nothing to do with the free concerts being put on for Friday Evenings.  These are being promoted by the Venue.

Please note that our ticket HOTLINE has changed.  If you want to reserve tickets for any of great shows coming up for Christmas call 07780373212.  While there may not be an answer every time the line does have an answer phone facility.    And for you internet savvy folks, you will be pleased to know that you can go direct for Tickets to WeGotTickets by selecting the Show you want on our Box Office page HERE   We apologise for telephone difficulties that you may have experienced over the past three weeks, this was due to the Trades being incapable of timing a telephone supplier switch – you really can’t believe it can you? 

Live At The Trades has a quite couple of weeks before we come at it “loud” with a “sick” line up of concerts and Party music to take you up to Christmas.   It’s a perfect antidote to all that Christmas shopping you will be doing.  We kick off with the mini Punk Festival headlined by the one and only UK Subs on the 29th September tickets are selling fast for this so get in quick.

As a total irrelevance, I’m currently in a state of high excitement as my birth Town team, and the one I supported from the age of eleven Gosport Borough play in the first round proper of the FA Cup for the very first time in their history.   This will mean nothing to most, but in my day we were lucky to get through to the 2nd Preliminary Round, and once I can remember getting to the 2nd Qualifying Round and that was marked down as a success.   So tomorrow we take on Colchester from League One at Privett Park, that well known bastion of non-league football.  Squeaky bum time, listen in on Sunday. 

A mention for the ladies that I refer to reverently as the Guillotine Squad.   The crochet girls from Something Special in the Old Town Hall complex have been very busy turning out crocheted poppies with all proceeds going to the British Legion Appeal.   Their efforts have been remarkable, crocheting into the early hours of the morning, with eye lids dropping to keep up with demand.  Over £350 has so far been raised on a £1 minimum donation basis.  I really do congratulate the ladies, sterling work.   It’s Christmas stars next.    We should plug the Crochet Workshop which now encompasses two rooms at the Shop.  £2 for chat, tea/coffee and sometimes cakes – bring your own hook.

A big week for Rotherham coming up.   Thursday 13th see’s two major events.  During the day the new Tesco opens it’s doors for the first time to the public.   That will be fun.   At tea time though the Community comes together for the big Christmas lights switch on in All Saint’s Square with G list celebrities of plenty to entertain you.   It marks the start of a magnificent run of events in Town running up to Christmas on Saturdays.  

To encourage you to come to Rotherham and buy LOCAL which I know you do, the Council has made all parking in the Town FREE.   I’d like to say that the Council is going to give away £10 local shopping vouchers, but they aren’t.   However, they have published a fantastic local shop brochure with hundreds of bargains to tempt you. 
We owe the local businesses of Rotherham big time following the disruption to their Trading caused by various demonstrations since September.  Even today the EDL are marching in the Town, but this time the Police have made certain that the march will avoid the Town Centre.   Interestingly the EDL’s target of the day is the Police, so that’s OK, oh and they want to shout some slogans at what will be an empty Riverside House.

Once again the Love Comes First team will be holding an event at The Imperial Building starting at 5:00pm, with some top talent.  Looking out of my window it promises to be damp and cold.

So coming up this week.

On Tuesday 11th the senior bard of Rotherham Roy Blackman will be launching his second CD.  I’m told it’s all new material.  The event starts at 7:30pm sharp at The Bridge with lots of special guests and old friends all appearing.  It will be a great night of Folk music and poetry.  And it’s FREE

It’s ROAR Talk week, with sculptor Rebecca Moss guesting.  The event starts at 4:30pm sharp at the ROAR Art Space on Westgate.   This series of talks from artists has been really interesting, and in my opinion well worth taking the time out if you can.

But before that on Wednesday ArtNav is Meeting at Riverside House kicking off at 1:30pm.  This is an important meeting for Arts Groups in Rotherham as we will be amending the brief for the Consultants that were appointed in October Culture Partners.    I really would urge practioners and administrators to make the time for this meeting.   If you have not received an Email invite simply send an Email to the co-ordinator Sharon Gill HERE

Besides all the festivities in Town, Thursday has the monthly Meeting of the Pitmen Poets in Mexborough at the Concertina Club.  Well worth popping along for a pint

Friday has the Fund Raiser for “The Victims” at Titans Rugby Club.   Tickets and entry is £10 for this event that has three top bands from Sheffield appearing.   The cause is important, so I’d urge you all to get there if you can.   However, I am disappointed to see that we don’t have a Band from Rotherham on the Bill!  Or at least a Band that is from Rotherham but say they are from Sheffield.  I know several local Bands are disappointed that they were not approached.   Perhaps the Rotherham scene can put their own event together early into the New Year, I’ll get Mick working on it.  HO ho.  

On Saturday the ladies of the burlesque will be performing as the Night Train pulls into the Trades.   Tickets for this event tend to sell out, so get yourselves to Mezmerize or follow the details link on the RAE listings page to book your seat on the train.  There are NO TICKETS at the Trades or via RAE who no longer collaborate with the event. 

Music lovers will find Crimson Moon at The Cutlers.

The full listings can be found HERE

So that ends the week nicely.  

Whatever you are doing this week, have great fun, support your local music and artist scene + local shops, and KEEP IT LIVE

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