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Slamfest Gets Ever Closer / And It's Another Fantastic Weekend of Music

In haste, will add pictures later.

So much seems to have happened since I last wrote a full Blog for you all to yawn to, so I guess to keep things in perspective I’ll concentrate upon what have been the highlights – and “in no particular order “ to quote Ant and Dec. 

By the way did you see the Final of Britain’s Got Talent?, and the winners?  Ironically not from Britain in any stretched description, and while I’m sure their shadow acrobatics were very clever, it quite rock my boat – the Indie harmony Band had my vote………..     And this year far too many toddlers in the final on the “ahhh” vote.    Highlight of course Cowell getting egged, although some say it was a set up stunt so that the Show was on the Front Pages the next morning.  Yes the egging did it!

I was forced to watch the repeat by Mrs Masher as we ate our Sunday lunch, just in case you thought I had been a naughty boy and missed one of the Live At The Trades events.  Yes, I could be found at the ticket desk for what proved to be one of our most successful promotions to date, The Night Train Burlesque Revue.  It was a success in terms of the number of people buying tickets and the standard of the performance, as witnessed by the standing ovation given to the performers at the end of the night. 

We had comedy ventriloquism, hoopla hooping, fire dancing, elegant dance and high comedy acrobatics with some fine singing and comedy holding the show together.   My personal favourite Havana Hurricane but we’ll keep that under our Masher caps, please!

So congratulations to Charlie, better known as Pinky Deville for bringing together an excellent Bill and we look forward to another show in the not too distant future. 

Taking a step back, I was surprised that so many in the audience came from out of Town and were experiencing a Rotherham show for the first time.   It’s great that they left in positive mood and were also exposed to some of the other good things happening in Rotherham. 

Going back in time it was good to see The Trades bursting at the seams for a very Rotherham musical event celebrating the 50th Birthday of Baz Thurman, bass player of this Parish.  The show was made up mainly of combinations of the Bands he played with during his active musical career, including My Pierrot Dolls a band that I’m told are legendary in Rotherham and this being the first time that they had got together in thirty two years.   It was a fantastic evening, with music ranging from punk to the electronic sound of MPD and some super rocking blues from the young Whiskey Spirit in between. 

We’ve copies of My Pierrot Dolls CD “Coming Back To Life” available at the Drop In Centre, 25 Wellgate, Rotherham. 

On the same night I’m told that there was a good crowd in The Bridge as well for another top performance from Goat Leaf.  Goat Leaf now go Nation Wide as there various tours shape up, and that includes a trip to Spain.  Rotherham music reaching new audiences.

The Live At The Trades Green Bay event was not one of our best.  Nothing wrong with the Band but the turnout was considerably less than what we might have expected.  Ooch!   And we’ll leave it at that, and learn the lesson.

But most of RAE time has been spent on Slamfest business.  We’ve been slaving over all the bureaucracy; twisting the arms of Sponsors and advertisers; flier distribution; poster designing and chasing; and general planning stage times etc.  A big thank you again to our main Sponsors, Bristol Street Motors Vauxhall Commercial of Chesterfield who have enabled us move forward with confidence. 

I’m told that the 2013 Slamfest T Shirt will shortly be available – watch this space. 
We had a fantastic response to the call for volunteers, but we need more!  Please, please help us deliver this event safely and maximise on the opportunity to get the RAE word out there by sparing us a few hours of your time.  

Starting this Saturday we need a Gang of leaflet distributors, on Saturdays and Tuesdays up to Slamfest, to get the word out there.  11:30 – 2:30 (or when it goes quiet)

We do need people to manage some of the Stages on the Saturday, (6th July)

And the more Volunteers we have on the ground on both 6th / 7th July the better. 

You can Volunteer by coming into the Drop In Centre, or Email HERE or download and complete the Volunteer Form HERE

Just over three weeks to go now……….. it’s all getting very exciting, and the weather man says it will be 22C and cloudy. 

Keep an eye on the Slamfest Stages HERE

If you are going places and would like to take some fliers with you then simply Email or drop into the Centre.  

Over the quiet time the Drop In Centre was officially opened.  This was a super afternoon with Chris, Sam and Phill playing some fine acoustic music and some lovely nibbles, wine and Pimm’s supplied by Amanda’s Blinds, who are also sponsoring the marque stage at Slamfest. 

We now have a smart RAE Banner over our door, so one suspects that the number of people asking us to print T Shirts or Fax documents will go down substantially.  

The Centre is now being put to work.  We have a program of Craft Workshops, then first which looked at basic felt stitching was a great success and next week on the 19th June the Minx and Emma will be looking at Basic Jewellery.  There’s talk of repeating the program on a Saturday afternoon in the Autumn.  Watch this space. More information HERE

 The next two Live at The Trades feature the Slamfest Metal Stage on the 6th July and the fantastic Sour Cherry on the 13th July, which we intend to make an entry by donation night. 

The full Live At The Trades program can be found HERE

Unfortunately For Pete Sake had to pull from their Sunday Gig on the Clifton Park Band Stand because the lead singer had a throat infection and we couldn’t fix a replacement Band at short notice.  Our next outing on the Band Stand is of course Slamfest on the 7th July. 

We’ve a very special event at the Drop In Centre on the Saturday 22nd June when Tony Beesley will be launching his new book “Away From The Numbers” at 2:00pm.  We’ve music from Em.  The usual wine and nibbles and of course readings and a book signing with Tony.  Drop in and see us.

So, coming up we have another of those busy, busy mid-month weekends.   At the Bridge on Friday night the excellent gathering around Hangman’s Corner will be coming together for another fine evening of music.  

On Saturday The Bridge is again the centre piece of the night with an evening of Punk music and Poetry, Propane 4, Bruce Tality & Dwane Reads will be performing.   

There’s a fantastic day of music and politics in Elsecar as part of the Axe the Bedroom Tax Rally.  I was sorry to see though that Occupy Sheffield Peoples Forum decided to choose the same day for their Meeting at the Quaker House. 

For those who cannot venture out of the Town, there is an Open Garden Party in the Minster Grounds from 10:00 on Saturday morning until 2 in the afternoon. 

Finally on Sunday the Demon Barbers are playing the Library Theatre in Sheffield and if anyone has not seen this highly popular folk Band I can really recommend it. 

As per usual all the details for the above can be found by following the on the Listings Page HERE

And I will have forgotten something really important for which I apologise. 

Whatever you’re doing this week have a great time, please support your local artists and KEEP IT LIVE.

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