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A busy week ahead……………………….  As we run into Rock Rotherham Saturday

BUT let us not forget, Slamfest was originally to be a week-long Celebration of the Arts in Rotherham.  We tried to make this a reality –  but

We do have music throughout the week though. 

On Monday, Mr Masher and Folk cohorts will be found at The Bridge Nellie Folk.  Starts 8:45pm

The rest of the events take place at Myplace Youth and Community Centre run by the YMCA at St Anne's RotherhamWe will be using their little theatre facilities, please come along to the following events and check out the facilities.

Tuesday,  Roy Blackman will launch his CD at Myplace – for those remaining in total blissful ignorance as to where this might be, it’s the modern looking Youth Building on St Anne’s Road in Rotherham.   Supporting Roy will be Keystone Acoustic and Paul Pearson.  Starts 7:30pm  The CD will be available on the night £10 or £9.99 for cash.

Wednesday 25th Pocketful Of N’owt will be appearing at Myplace.   Unfortunately, Mike Watts and Joe Hakim have pulled out at short notice, but I believe Jon Barrington is still going to provide some poetical thought to the evening.  Starts 8:15pm. 

Thursday 26th  For a whole number of reasons we’ve cancelled the show at The Rugby Club.   Bad day etc.  with the weekend looming

However,  the FOF Theatre, will be presenting their evening of Theatre at Myplace two plays from local authors.   Starts 7:30pm

A reminder to all those writers from Rawmarsh and Crystal Peaks who sent in Plays – these are currently being worked on by FOF Theatre who because of holiday commitments and work could not get the rehearsal time needed to do justice to the Plays.  This was announced some time ago but just a reminder that you have not been forgotten and that there will be at least two Shows of your work during The Fringe Festival in October.

If one senses a degree of impatience with regard to this part of the Festival – you would be correct, further comments when wounds are not so raw.

And so to Rotherham’s Rockin’ Weekend………………….   It all starts with The Myke Barritt Memorial Concert – a NIGHT OF THE BEST LOCAL PUNK + a bluesy softie……….  At The Bridge on Friday 27th July.   Brain Bomb, Majority Vote with support from Gazz.   A night of FREE music not to be missed.

The weekend’s raffle starts here too.  Booze and a bit more + an Accord Guitar (second hand, but in lovely condition). 

Saturday – well go head to the Web Site for all the details, simply far too much going on to do justice to in the Blog.  

This whole event has been financed privately – not a penny of public money has been offered or gone into the event, which makes it even more remarkable that it it’s all going ahead according to plan.   Let’s face, our Main Stage Sponsor  Ziggy’s Workhouse Gym’s contribution really helped to get us up and working, our considerable thanks to them, and indeed to all our Sponsors and advertisers.  However, Mick is not sure that this is what the Sponsors quite had in mind for advertising their services.  I'm told that Ziggy is sending a team of his boys and girls to do a mini work out to the music in All Saints Square at some point during the day - keep your eyes open.

Then on Sunday it’s a chill out at The Queens in Rawmarsh, where some of the best of the Regions acoustic musicians will be doing their stuff, everything from chilled blues to traditional folk at Acoustic Rotherham 16.   There will be a prize for the person who can keep Dickie Masher awake for the longest time. 

The whole weekend could be buzzing – I know the Bands have being doing their thing at Tramlines to awake people to Slamfest,  and there have been a few things going on in the background which may also have an impact on the attendance.

The hearts of both Mick and I went out to the organisational team at Bomfest over at Barnsley who have had to postpone their event from 28th July until mid- September.   Apparently a combination of weather and Council Cuts has lead to a few misunderstandings with the Local Authority.  But the good news for ticket buyers is that it goes ahead in September.

Also off on 28th July is the Rosehill Park, Rawmarsh, “Party in The Park”.  Always sad to see events go down, but if you read my review from last year; just maybe it will not be a big miss.

There is also the Volkswagen  Festival at Hooton Roberts.  As we go to press (always like using that term) we have been told a final decision will be taken on Tuesday as to whether or not the ground will be dry enough to allow the Festival to go ahead.

Slamfest then, might well end up as the only show in Town, and with the sixty plus acts and Bands, on the nine stages, there’s room for everyone to come to Rotherham and have a great day out.

And there’s more bad newsThe Rotherham Trades Club has eventually closed it’s doors as a Working Men’s Club despite the fine efforts of the Committee to keep it going.   It shows that in these days of austerity even one good night a week is not enough to keep the Clubs going.

The Trades Club has always been a supporter of Club music, and I will admit to having had some great nights out ther, unfortunately though, the cost of acts playing to handful of drinkers has taken it’s toll.


The future of the Club which is already under new ownership,  is a little uncertain at the moment the usual host of rumours doing the rounds.  Rotherham Art Events will be looking to be in the mix though, and we’ve assured that nights we have booked for the Fringe Festival in October will be honoured by the Club no matter what.

And even more bad news I’m afraid.  The Domino at Kimberworth Park closed it’s doors a couple of weeks ago, yet another fine supporter of live music, in the form of the Friday Jam session.  It seems that the Pub is to be sold.  I’ve heard rumours of all sorts of complications concerning the use of the building and land, and the distress this has all caused to Land Lady who has fought the sale tooth and nail. 

Martin and Mike have taken the Jam night up the road to The Haynook, and it joins the Thursday night rush of Open Mic Jams events.  So for Domino boys and girls you have a new home until the old one is sorted.

Summer Breezes, and I’m not talking about the dreadful weather of the past months, I refer of course to the weekend 17th / 18th /19th August, at Clifton Park.  RAE along with Clifton Park are promoting a fantastic evening in then Walled Garden, where the famous Dirty Dylan and Band will be giving us an evening of Bob Dylan.  Tickets are £10 and can be obtained from the Information Centre in Town.  Rotherham’s own Phil Sinclair will be providing the support.

After Slamfest we hope to be making an announcement about an honorary  President for Rotherham Art Events…………….   It’s a great name from the music scene.  Watch this space.

I did eventually manage to get to The Old Market Gallery to check out the exhibition of Fabulous Sound Machines.  It really is an intriguing collection of creations that make sound and can react to human interaction to make tunes.  You could spend hours, learning how some of the machines work so as to play a tune.  Everything from wind power to clever electric and laser light power.  Super stuff and well worth the couple of quid to get in.  If you’ve got a few minutes pop in and take a look.

Only got out on one night this week and was Saturday to Rawmarsh Trades and Labour Club where Coyote were rocking the house.  Lacking a bit in production these veterans of WMC rock played to a packed house, so packed that at 9:00pm there was not even standing room in the Concert Hall.  Great to see at least one Club organising a WMC programme that has people using the Club through the week and packing it on a Saturday.  

Next week, if I did not have Slamfest duties I might well have been tempted across to Herringthorpe where Here’s Jonny will be rocking it out, but I suspect I’ll be in The Bridge for 77 who also have some great support on with them, once Goat Leaf have finished on the Main Stage, that is………..   lol

Is the Masher playing at Slamfest? – YES HE IS – Mick has very kindly found a spot for me on The Exchange Acoustic stage!!!  And I should think so to!!  I will be playing with my new (much cheaper, very much cheaper, Mashing Machine, which is due to be delivered tomorrow)  So come along and see me when I kick it all off at 12:00 noon – yes, the warm up spot again.

There’s loads going on next weekend, so I’d send you to the Listings page HERE

Really hope to see as many of you in Rotherham as possible next week, it promises to be brilliant. 

But whatever you are doing, have a great time, support your local artists and KEEP IT LIVE.

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