Monday, 28 May 2012

The Lack of Tobbaco Might Be Making Me Moody - Banners High and Fantastic Week Ahead

The weather has been sensational this week, so good in fact that I’ve been finding it hard to stay awake.  But awake I must be as we drift into the final week of activity towards the Banners High Festival.

It’s been a strange week for the Banners High Festival; we’ve had some great local media coverage in The Advertiser, with more to come in coming weeks in the South Yorkshire Times.

The fliers are finding their away around the Town and the Posters are all in place.

On the other hand there have been some negatives, which I shall be airing gently at Thursday’s RAE General Meeting (31st May at The Bridge) to which everyone is invited. 

Those volunteering to help at Banners High we have an organisational meeting starting at 6:00pm on Thursday at The Bridge.

But you know what it’s like when Organising these things, disaster is just one step around the corner, then it turns out a lot better than one feared and well the smile is returned to the face. 

It should be a really good day with plenty of debate in the morning, great poetry, music and theatre in the afternoon and just a kick arse rock event in the evening with Ed Tudor Pole  being supported by three local top Bands.

One thing is for certain, the whole of the RAE Team have learnt something these last couple of weeks, and while mistakes have been made, this was on a an organisational front   Well done to the hard working team, especially those who have carried the main work load.

So a big push from our real friends please, something as simple as sharing our Banners High link on Facebook will really help in this last week, even if you don’t intend to come lol. 

Anyway, the more astute amongst you might be sensing a bit of a guns blazing Blog coming up next week, probably made more intense by my being into the second week of having stopped smoking after 45 years, so the withdrawal symptoms should be really kicking in by next week.  lol   

And the Slamfest programme is nearing final publication, there are one or two things to put into place and then we’ll be adding dates venues and times to the what is looking to be a fantastic week of “grass roots” Art, Music and Spoken word performance in Rotherham.

Pop over and take a look at the Slamfest page.  OK I know it all looks a bit rear end heavy at the moment with the Open Music events on 28th July very much taking centre stage; balance will be restored, I promise.

And Karen Gilmore has come up with yet another fantastic logo.  This one for Slamfest.  It carries a real punch.  We owe Karen a lot for all her efforts on our behalf.  RAE has given Karen Life Membership, the significance of which will become clear over the next couple of weeks.

All very exciting though, especially as the event is catching the imagination of Sponsors.  This really is a plus for the RAE goal of striking up a positive relationship with local business in promoting Rotherham Art.

And would you believe it? We’re actually making initial progress with the Fringe Festival.  It’s looking good.

Bad news.  The RAE team have been talking and consulting.  This is not good news for my blood pressure.  But we now have a new major Goal / mid-term objective.  A brief outline will be given at Thursday General Meeting.

And finally on RAE business.  We’re pleased to say that Chris Bilton has joined us to share the Visual Art / Exhibition portfolio with Vicky Hilton.  On which note it might be worth reminding you poets and artists that we are planning an exhibition of Vicky’s great idea mixing words and art, during Slamfest.  The visual work can a painting, photograph, or other form of digital art. No fee’s for exhibiting.  So if you have a piece that you think might fit please contact Chris via the Contact page.  Thanks.

On the music side of things the folkies of South Yorkshire gave a sigh of relief, The Mashers were not out on the prowl.  However, we fully intend to take advantage of our Folk Legend status, given by the Advertiser, so it has to be true, in the weeks ahead.  I think our next outing after Banners High is a trip to Malvern Town, for a private Music Festival.  I’m looking forward to that one. 

For my dose of live music this week two completely different Gigs, both on Saturday Night.

The Bridge was of course humming; it was a hot night.  Rightly so, Papa Legba’s was rocking the night away.  And WOW was I impressed with their performance, even Mrs Masher was impressed, having escaped The Trades Club turn, to say that wriggling should have been going on 50 meters down the road.  Praise indeed.  It’s true though, and I’ve not been bribed by Tim, the first set on Saturday night featuring many of my own favourite Papa tunes was together and slick, without losing that raw edge which ranks them among my favourite live Bands.  I’m really looking forward to seeing them next Saturday night at The Rugby Club where they will be amongst the support for Ed Tudor Pole. 

As I was on a lead for the night, Mrs Masher then dragged me back to Rawmarsh Trades and Labour Club.  We got in just in time for the second set of the night from Midlife Crisis.

It would be like comparing the value of Gold and Plastic, to compare the two gigs, so I won’t.

Midlife Crisis are a covers show / Club Band, playing soft rock.  I say playing, as it was extremely difficult to decide whether or not any instrument other than the drums was actually being played so full was the backing track they played to.  The set opened with a guitar and Bass Guitar and drums, and when towards the end a second guitar was added no difference was noted to the sound or its quality.

While the backing track was as clear as a bell the vocal mic was chronic.  Not sure if they had a problem or not, but for much of the set it sounded if the lead vocalist was singing down a tunnel from the Pizza Shop 50 meters away. 

I can’t knock it though.  They were cheered to the rafters and called back twice thus proving I know nothing about music, and while the dance floor was not full, they did hold an audience in on a very hot night.  They must have had something.  I’m not quite sure what, but let’s be kind and put it down to an excellent choice of tunes and an excellent backing track, oh, and a drummer who certainly knew what he was doing.

Enough………………    yes it must be withdrawal from the tobacco that is getting to me……   kitty, kitty and it’s only the fourth day!

There is something we need to learn from the evening’s entertainment.  I’ll let you know what in time…….

And we’re into the week coming already………….  Monday is of course Nellie Folk Night, Rotherham’s best singers Club, at The Bridge.  Do come along if you enjoy a song or two; starts 8:45pm. 

Wednesday is Open Mic Jazz at The Bridge and Friday is ROMP, once again at The Bridge (what would we do without that Pub) where I’m informed Gav has a surprise for everyone. 

So go on – yes there’s the RAE General Meeting, where? Yes, at The Bridge on Thursday that starts 7:00pm.  Not forgetting the Open Mic Musician and Singers Club that Meets at the Bridge every Thursday. 

So a busy week for The Bridge, I hope Land Lord Ben has enough beer in the cellar.

Not forgetting of course the two performances of The Taming of The Shrew in Urdu; Tuesday evening at the Old Market Gallery, and Thursday afternoon at the Clifton Park Wall Garden. 

And there is of course the busy Bank Holiday weekend ahead, its a four dayer, and there is plenty going on.  On Saturday, yes, Banners High Festival (the antidote to the Royal things going on), there is also a Rotherham Town Centre Tea Party and at the Imperial Building they are having a Vintage Tea Party, should you wish to celebrate Elizabeth’s sixty years on the throne. The Bar Steward Sons have something going on in Elsecar for most of Saturday.

Florin will be awarded The Acoustic Rotherham Serial Performers of The Year Gold Coloured Beer Glass when they take on three days hard drinking at the Castleton Beer Festival event.  Oh, and they will be singing on three consecutive days to.  Anyone going please record their third session for me I’m sure it will be highly entertaining. 

All the Festivals and general listings can be found on the Diary Pages HERE

So with the promise that next week’s Blog will have a little more of a razor’s edge to it, but also carrying news of the great week’s entertainment ahead of us this Monday morning. 

Whatever you’re doing this week, have amazing fun, support your local artists and KEEP IT LIVE.

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