Wednesday, 13 July 2011

PART 2: Of The News Blog. Launches / Poetry / Personal

Well I did warn you.  Yes I did forget some important News from last week.   So here’s Part 2 of the News. 

The word is that Stormcrow’s launch of their CD “Tales of The Crow” at The Station, Loftus on Friday night was a raging success, with Amanda and Mark seeing their baby off into the World aided by a host of musicians from North Yorkshire and beyond.  Apparently Barbara Helen made an appearance, while Ian Swinburne and Glenn Coggin provided support as well as joining the “boys in the band”

We wish Amanda and Mark every success with the CD, which I’m sure will do extremely well as they travel the Festivals. 

Now, there I was sat at my computer on Friday when up came a message from someone to say that they were heading to an Open Mic session at The Bridge that night.   Now, I might be thick, but even I knew that The Bridge Open Mic is held on a Thursday night.  However, it turns out I was wrong for this was a Poetry Open Mic., the first of what is hoped to be a monthly event, so not being able to get to The Bridge myself I twisted the arm of Carol Robson to write a review for the News Blog………….

Open mic Poetry night Bridge Inn Rotherham Friday July 8th

Friday July 8th saw the first and hopefully many more open mic poetry evening at the Bridge Inn Rotherham, this was organised by Gav Roberts and he had advertised the event through a Facebook page, which is how I found out about it.

On arriving I found a nervous Gav worrying how the night was going to go, as it turned out he didn’t need to worry.  It was supposed to be a 7.30pm start, there were five of us to start off with (including Gav) who had come along to perform and there was just a handful of people making up the audience.  However, the small corner room started to quickly fill up, so I agreed to be the first and get the evening going at around 8pm.

This was the start of an excellent evening of poetry and tales which the full room seem to thoroughly appreciate going by their laughter and appreciative applause.  There were poetry and tales of life, work, places and relationships often full of humour, but also some with a serious content.  It turned out that four of us did three spots each varying from five to ten minutes each and wonderfully two other people came along during the evening and did contrasting performances, one of which included a skit on Richard Dimbleby.

As the evening progressed hardly anyone left and several more came in and some from the bar area standing at the back.  This was a very appreciative audience and shows that an evening like this in Rotherham is a wonderful change of something to do on a Friday night. This first evening closed at about 11pm (bar closed) but folk were still milling around for some time talking about the night.   Gav is hoping that this will become a regular event to be held every second Friday of the month and he is already trying to arrange the second one for August 12th.   

From the response of performers and audience alike this was a different but excellent evening’s entertainment, well done to Gav Roberts for having the belief to start this Open mic Poetry evening in Rotherham.  Hopefully there will be many more and it will encourage others to come along and perform their poetry or just read their favourite pieces.

By Carol Robson

Thanks for that Carol, you make it sound like a super evening, so we hope that Ben will let it become a regular event.  

And don’t forget if you’re attending an event and feel moved to write a short Review, then please do so and I’ll share it in the Weekly News Blog. 

And we can’t really leave this section without giving a mention to Papa Legas who according to the reports I have had wowed The Harlequin audience with their wriggling.  I’ve nicked a picture.  It’s fantastic to see Rotherham based musicians doing so well and gaining in reputation – and it’s also a tribute to Olivia and Ben at The Bridge who doing so much to facilitate local Bands and cultural events.   

Finally in this Part 2 News Blog.  

Richard is waving the white flag.   After thirty years of riding roads from as far apart as Droitwich, Malvern, Ledbury, Pontefract, Middlesbrough and more recently South Yorkshire teaching folks to hopefully  keep themselves alive when driving, the end has come.  

Times have been hard as far as the market for driving lessons is concerned in recent years, and it’s only going to get worse.

It’s all been brought to a head because I have to have a period off the road to take some medication that has been prescribed and of course by the time I return it will be extremely difficult to rebuild the business.  Also I will be carless because Mr Plant will of course want his car back given that it will sate doing nothing for a period. 

What the future brings one does not yet know, in fact I’m still getting my head around what is a major life decision, but I’m sure something will sort itself out……………….   It normally does.
Of course, if you know of someone who would like to Sponsor the Web Site or advertise on any of it’s pages please send them my way.   

Not forgetting of course that I specialise in designing individual Web Sites that meet the requirements and design of individual customers. 
In any event a clean sheet of paper lays ahead, and like Ed Milliband I shall be looking to fill it.

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