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Two wars, Countries going Bankrupt, the Coalition Government U turning on nearly every policy in their document, The News of  World caught with their ear to the wall and what has been the main subject of the week, the use of the word “fuck” (please close your eyes if you’re sensitive to the use of this word) by a footballer, not just any footballer though, one who at the best of times is challenged by the limitations of vocabulary at the best of times.

But fortunately to celebrate this moment in history I’ve been able to add a song to The Acoustic Rotherham Player, incidentally from one of our featured acts at Acoustic Rotherham 11 Pocketful of Now’t a home based talent from Swinton, entitled, quite simply, “Fuck”.  Look it up, it might help us all find our sanity.  HERE

Indeed, if you listen carefully through the crackle of The Mashers singing, sorry performing, “Bugger Off You Bastards” you will hear an enthusiastic Myke shouting out “fuck off” several times.  

Through the hours of broadcasting, miles of words written on the subject of Rooney and his use of language there is only one word that needs to be used, “context”.  In other words if one uses the word in certain ways it is viewed as being sad humour or will prompt school girl giggles used differently people take serious offense.  

While shouting it down a camera might not be seen as the most clever thing to have done, in the context of the game, and the abuse said player had soaked up from the crowd perhaps the use of the word was not quite as earth shattering as it seems the media think it was. 
Still, what does blowing up a few goodies by mistake in Libya matter against the use of the word “fuck” though?   Very little it seems.

Yes, it’s caught me out as well, next Sunday 17th April is Acoustic Rotherham 11 day at the Queens.  This shift of date to allow for Easter, personally I think it’s rite out of order to put Easter at the end of the month and thus cause total confusion in this way.  

Anyway the Acts are up, the songs are on the player and it looks as if it’s going to be another great afternoon of music, and right across the genres as well!!  Folk through to acoustic Rock with some brilliant blues in between.  

Not many of the promised changes have happened – except that I’ve kept my enthusiasm under control and we have a sensible number of acts on the Bill.  It means we start 30 minutes later 1:30pm.  And we’ll be finished a little earlier as well, which means, hopefully, most will be able to see the full afternoon out without passing out. You can find the line up HERE

With The Mashers having gone into a quiet spell it’s given me a chance to catch up on few little jobs, and of course plan things ahead.  

Isn’t it strange how either it’s nothing, (that’s when I start groaning) or everything happens at once (don’t knock it).  So on July 9th the Mashers will be first heading for the Birdsedge Village Festival, a 2:00pm on stage time there, and if we don’t get electrocuted (that’s why Promoters put us on first…. Hope) we’ll be setting heading for Heckmondwike for the Acoustic Circus Festival all day session.  A busy day.

And have you spotted that John McCullagh now has his own Web Site?  That’s he of “Dancing On The Grave of Mrs Thatcher fame”.   Head off HERE to check it out.  I’m sure a link will be set up on the Web Site before too long.  

There’s a load of Festivals coming up, before heading into the local and slightly off beam from my normal brief, if I have one, I’d draw your attention to the Worcester Literary Festival which is packed with good things.  So if you’re thinking of taking a break and fancy something intellectually uplifting Worcester between 17th and 27th of June is the place to go.  What’s more unlike some Festivals I could name, they have a really interesting and informative Web Site so head off HERE to find out more.

And I make no excuses for again sending you off in the direction of the Working Class Life and Music Festival in Liverpool which starts on the 22nd April.  There’s over 500 events which make up the Festival, from lectures to music events.  Check it all out HERE

More locally The Wath Folk Festival starts 27th April.  The organisers have put together another fantastic Bill of events and Concerts.  Check out the Web Site for Singaround and Concert events HERE

Hot on the heels of Wath will be Holmfirth, another packed weekend.  You can check it all out HERE

With all the holidays approaching there are bound to be variances to normal regular Club and Session.  Please tell us if you are cancelling or changing the day of your Club, or use the “shout box” at the top of the Diary Pages HERE to let folks know of your changes. Thanks. 

I’ve been busy working on another Web Site this week so not much has changed this week, although I have sorted out the friends page where you will find links to the Reverbnation pages of close friends of The Mashers and Acoustic Rotherham acts.  If you’ve a Reverbnation page and for some reason (Richard’s brain) are not included then please give me a kick. HERE

I think I forgot to say that a start had been made on sorting the Resource Page where you can find some interesting links and Ebooks that might help the budding stars of the Acoustic scene make their impact.  You can find it HERE

So last night I headed out to see those Barnsley wise guys, The Bar Steward Sons of Val Doonigan at The Bridge.  Not many people out, but those who were, were treated to a feast of Acoustic music as the boys played through tunes from such diverse Bands as The Beatles to Lady Gaga – yes Lady Gaga, throwing in a few of their own songs for good measure.

The BSSVD are going through a transformation.  Since I last saw them, which was around a year ago, one of the Band members has left and it looks as if the remaining one is playing with ideas as to how to keep the show on the road.  

The line up now has a piano accordion player, adding real folky sounds to the rocky numbers they churned out.  

The Mashers know just how difficult it is to do these Saturday Night open Gigs, and perhaps the lack of numbers may have got in the way of their general performance of the act.  Wearing a wig and playing songs one would not normally associate with the acoustic scene is only funny if it is part of the overall performance, certainly last night it just looked rather odd, and someone walking in from the street might have wondered what the hell it was about, and quite honestly they would not have been enlightened by the Boys themselves. 

Like so many acts they reeled off song after song.

I have to be fair though – he says – I only saw the first set, which by my watch was an hour long, during which they gained and lost a the “out and about” drinkers of the Borough.  

It’s something The Mashers gave some thought to in their days of doing these sorts of Gig, and we decided that half an hour was about the most people’s attention span can take of any one act performing acoustic material.   Thus we brought in support acts offering a completely different sort of sound, and sharing the evening.  

I have to say that the times I’ve seen the The Bar Steward Sons of Val Doonigan, they have been at their punchy best with a shorter set time.  

Great stuff guys and I hope you’re able to settle down the Band line up etc soon. 

And they shouldn’t worry about the audience numbers.  A normally packed Rawmarsh Trades and Labour Club was unusually half empty as well.  One thinks with School Holidays and the Bank Holidays to come 

Appearing were a band called Band On The Run.  Nop, I can’t resist it.  And I can see why they have that name!!   

Ordinary, about sums up the offering.  Classic Rock numbers that always get an audience that is out to enjoy themselves going, especially at the end of the evening, reeled out.  Some interesting and weird solos from the lead guitarist though kept people on the edge of their seats or teeth. 

So that was my Saturday night out. 

So there’s plenty to get your teeth into coming up, keep coming back to the Diary pages to keep up to date.   HERE

Finally I’d just draw your attention to the Unite Against Fascism Regional Conference at The Barnsley Trades Club next Saturday 16th April.  There’s a fantastic line up of Speakers.  It runs from 10:00am until 1:00pm.  

So whatever you’re doing, have fun, and keep it live. 

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