Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Mashers Live

This time last week I was just a bit down.

The Big News Blog had been completed, the immediate Myke Trust business concluded and well, still very much undecided about the future of The Mashers.

OK Phil and I had talked and set up a practice, but I have to be honest I was still very much in two minds as to whether The Mashers could really take to the road again given that such huge character had been ripped away. Could anyone replace Myke? The basic answer to that is of course NO, and if that were the case could it ever be The Rawmarsh Mashers again?

So it was with more than just a little concern that I approached Monday’s first session with Phill at The Bridge. Yes we’re back there on a Monday to thrash out and tighten up our songs.

Phil and I had become quite good friends over the past couple of years, an amazing supporter of Acoustic Rotherham, and a singer song writer who has worked very hard to make his name on the local and National grass roots music scene.

We’ve shared stages – done Gigs – all in our seperate compartments. But if anyone knew what the Mashers were about then it was Phil and if he was happy to join an act with a fairly well defined repertoire and profile in theory it should work.

BUT – there is always that nagging thought about introducing a new face.

I need not have worried. By the time we reached the first chorus of “The Gates of Hell” it was quite clear that not only was it going to work, this was going to be whole new rebirth for The Mashers.

So my personal thanks to Phillip and judging by the success of the first practice long may this collaboration continue.

Of course it’ going to take time for us to learn our little on stage habits etc and to iron out the glitches but one feels it’s going to be a worthwhile exercise, and will become great fun.

So how did the first main set go?

The Star Festival, Rawmarsh, is organised to support the “When You Wish Upon a Star” Children’s Charity, and this was its second year, following the success of last year’s event.

Many of the top local Bands, of the rock and blues genre, turn out to produce a fantastic afternoon of music.

This year the folks of Rawmarsh and Rotherham turned out in force – The Star was heaving – producing a fantastic atmosphere.

All power to Chris the Land Lord for organising the event and long may it continue.

And a nice touch to. Chris had arranged for posters of those who wouldn’t be here this year to be made and placed around the pub, and it was really generous to find that Myke had been included. You can see the posters in the pictures of the event. HERE

Another reason I like the event so much is to see them youngun’s doin’ there stuff in their various rock bands.

It’s great to see so many young people involved in the music making process and while some of the music was beyond our understanding (well we are but simple folk) it was creative and exciting and at worst the Band members were really enjoying what they were doing.

This was The Mashers first outing in the new format and as one would have suspected Phill and I had much to learn about each other in the face of a Festival audience, especially one being fed a diet of Rock!

Last year we played inside the pub which provided an intimate setting and a great sound, but this year we were on the main stage outside with all its associated difficulties with sound and weather etc. But for a change, while it threatened, the rain held off.

Despite various mishaps – like the wind blowing Muriel over – poor girl – in the middle of Rich Man’s Paradise – and poor Phill not able to hear a note he was playing, because as it turns out he had not secured his plug into the Mandola correctly we fought on, with once again Dancing On The Grave of Mrs Thatcher winning the audience back after our minor setback. And to my great surprise, even Bloody Rotten Audience slipped down nicely at the end.

It’s so difficult at outdoor gigs just how much people are taking in, but judging by comments afterwards it went OK – and I have to say, Phills solo in Shine was double amazing given that he could not hear himself, and I shouted “take it away Myke” oh dear! To start him off.

So a good first outing but plenty of room for improvement as they say.

The pictures – including of Dickie trying to sort out his music after the only gust of wind of the afternoon had done its worst can be found HERE

And thanks to all those Folk Clubs who have contacted us inviting us along so that we can murder your ears with the new sound – rest assured we’ll be out and about for real probably from late September. ....

On all other fronts it’s been a quiet week.

However, there will be a meeting of The Myke Barritt Trust during the week commencing 16th August. We would love to see you – and if you would like to come along then please Email Phoebe at we really need input and help from as many people as possible as we start to think about the autumn and Winter Fund Raising activities. ....

Good news is that I now have a decent Track 9 for the Rhiannon download and all those of you who have bought a copy will have the track Emailed to you by the end of the week. If you’ve not got your copy yet you can down load it from HERE.

And don’t forget them pewter Keyrings and pins – you can’t be a Masher without one and all for the very reasonable price of £5.99 with a commission going to the Trust funds.

There will also be exciting News in the week of another CD that has been donated to the Myke Barritt Music Trust for people to download from one of the areas top Folk Bands – ....

The list for Acoustic Rotherham 9 on October 31st, is now closed. In fact I’ve probably overdone it again. And what a line up we have for you again……………………. You can check it out HERE

The list for January is open and we’ve already started to add names. ....

Don’t forget you can keep up with all The Myke Barritt Trust, Acoustic Rotherham and Masher News by subscribing to the regular News letters by tapping in your Email address into the box below.

All the News can be picked up on the Acoustic Rotherham news page HERE.

My apologies if the News seems a little out of date sometimes, but time is short as they say. ....

And that’ it for this week folks.

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