Monday, 22 March 2010

Personal Note + Masher Adventures and New Stuff

We’ll start this week with a personal note. Thanks to all those who have been sending their good wishes about my health, they’re much appreciated.

I don’t want to get too heavy, but it really is good to know that there are so many nice folks out there, many of whom I’ve never even had the opportunity of shaking the hand of.
The current slowdown has been caused by a flair up of type two diabetes which is complicated by the other condition. Unfortunately it’s in the gene’s and despite diet and exercise it’s taken a hold at the moment. Worse, the tablets I’ve been given, only the normal stuff, have made me feel even worse, but I’m assured that if I persevere I’ll feel a lot better – for an impatient bugger like me this cannot happen quick enough.

So energy levels are running at very low.

And just at this moment I could do with them being very high as besides the music side of life I’m fire fighting business and personal issues that have reached crisis point.

Therefore The Mashers are sorry if some Folk Cubs and Open Mics in the Rotherham area are feeling that we’re neglecting them, once life returns to some sort of equilibrium The Mashers will be more active.

But we are getting out at least once a week for a sing. On Monday we put our “Practice” to one side and headed out to the Boostrapes Club which meets at The Commercial, Chapeltown on Mondays.

We’ve been meaning to make a visit for some time, being regulars at the Chapletown August Bank Holiday Festival and having made a couple of visits to the No Smoke Club which meets at the same pub every Friday night.

While this was a first visit to Bootstrapes for The Mashers, Myke Masher had once been a regular and dare I say after twenty odd years was remembered. Well, once seen never forgotten.

And if a return of the prodigal son was not enough history for one night then there was at least one other returning hero.

With the exception of George Hill, always good to see him and hear his songs, and yes we did note that he had a CD available, well done George, and a Folk Club regular, it was rather strange to discover a local Club that had not heard of The Rawmarsh Mashers – it just goes to show.

It was good to see a couple of young lads in as well, a novice dragged along by his more accomplished and refreshing, musically, friend. Excellent stuff.

But even with our youngsters, the average age would still have been in the top fifties at best.

I really like to be positive about our experiences when we’re out and about but unfortunately I have to say that my feeling by the end of the evening was rather flat. Well, it’s horses for courses I suppose. Perhaps also my reflections are coloured by the positive reaction to Saturday’s Gig at The Bridge.

The Mashers did the new songs, with Cows With Guns and Dance on The Grave Of Mrs Thatcher going flat on their faces, despite a rather interesting dance routine we’ve added to the later (lol) – while the more traditionally based Matt McGinn numbers, Rich Man’s Paradise and We’ll Have A May Day at least getting a singing reaction.

What was clear though, is that this was one Club where our music did not quite fit with the normal musical diet. It would have been nice to have raised the odd smile though……………

My impression though was that people were not listening. Really listening. I don’t know if this will make sense…………. But sometimes you come across Clubs where there is a sort of closed atmosphere, yes you’re welcomed as new faces etc., but that essentially the members are there to do their own thing, and ears are not tuned into new musical experiences. I might be being a bit harsh, I’m sure I am, but that was the feeling we left Bootstrapes with.

On the other hand they probably feel the same about us. In some Clubs The Mashers brand of humour is simply lost.

So everyone there on Monday will be less than happy to learn that we’ve put last Saturday’s “political set” up on the Web Site HERE and as a Reverbnation Tune Pack HERE

OK the recording is a little naf and poor Myke is lost in the ether somewhere. It seems the recording device was only picking up the vocal mic and not the full sound going through the mixer. We’re hoping that poor Phillip who made the recordings might give it another go, but with more of the sound content at the Haiti Appeal Gig on 30th March.

Acoustic Rotherham now has a Facebook Group Page. Find the link on our Facebook Profile page HERE

I’ve intentionally left it open so that members of the Group can put up their own Gig listings etc. However, it will be monitored regularly and if people are taking advantage.

Also, for those interested their will soon be a Group Page for The Rotherham Political Forum. This will be a page for discussing local issues, and will jointly carry details of the Spring Engage With Youth Festival.
The confirmed date is Spring Bank Holiday Monday 31st May. Venues etc. still to be confirmed.

A number of acts etc. have already offered their services and we’re hoping for more soon. If you would like to be involved then Email

You can read about the basic concept in a Blog which you can find listed HERE

The progress with the Web Site continues, if slowly. The main Site has now reached the 790,000 mark World Wide according to Alexa who do these things.

The hits on the CD Shop page are going up, but we could do with a bigger catalogue, so please if you’ve a CD get the details to us and we’ll get the CD featured on the site.

The download of The Making Your Musical Footprint – basic guide to getting yourself out there, be you serious about developing your profile or just wanting bit of fun, are going quite well, if you’ve not already got your copy you can find details HERE

Don’t forget to keep your Gig listings coming in – or minor Festival details Email

That’s it for another week.

You’ll find us at Nellie Folk at The Bridge on Monday, and if all goes well Last Friday Folk at The Venue, Stocksbridge on Friday.

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